Libyan Special Forces Adopt Arsenal AR-M9F assault rifles

N.R. Jenzen-Jones writes that the Libyan 11th ‘Lightning’ Battalion, a special operations light infantry battalion, have procured  Arsenal AR-M9F AK rifles chambered in 5.56x45mm  …

The image above shows members of Libya’s 11th ‘Lightning’ Battalion special forces armed with Arsenal AR-M9F assault rifles, in 5.56 x 45 calibre. The 11th Bn has ‘rapid response’ duties, as well as conducting close personal protection (CPP) details. From what I have seen so far, the first images of these rifles in their hands surfaced in May this year, however they may well have been delivered earlier.

Just before the revolution Russia was going to supply AK-103 rifles to Libya. Kalashnikov Concern won’t be happy that the Bulgarians scored this contact.

Steve Johnson

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  • Doopington

    Hey, maybe more 5.56 AK mags will pop out of the woodwork with this contract promising the need for their production.

  • Esh325

    But,but, the internet told me AK’s in 5.56 were unreliable!

    • Lance

      They are but this is a small small order the Libyan government extens 3 blocks in Tripoli and the rest of the nation is in AL Qaeda control.

      • Karina

        Bullshit they aren’t. .223 AKs are just as reliable as any other AK pattern.

        • Reeseman67

          The whole ‘5.56x45mm’ AK’s aren’t reliable is kind of B.S., but it is true that the 5.56mm AK’s with their straight walled cases are not as inherently reliable as the 5.45x39mm or 7.62x39mm AK’s since those cartridges cases are tapered (5.45) and EXTREMELY tapered (7.62) in comparison to the 5.56.

  • Lance

    If this is true this would be a very small order the Libyan government extends 3 blocks in Tripoli. Its a failed state. Mostly tribal militias control most of Tripoli’s suburbs and most other city’s in the nation so I doubt this is true and or if it is its a very very small order for a unit out numbered and out gunned by 10 times.

    • John Daniels

      I guess you missed the part about how this is news from May. A lot has changed since then.

      • 11b

        No, Libya is still run by militias and tribes. Not exactly a “failed state”, but it’s teetering on the edge. Lance, I wouldn’t doubt the article’s authenticity though; those guys were trained and funded by us (Americans) and good training/equipment is a force multiplier.

        • 11b

          Also, most of these militia groups are not Al-Qaeda. They are very much locally run organizations carried over from the revolution. AQIM does have a small presence in the country, but they don’t control vast swaths of territory like you suggest Lance. Anyways, I digress…Firearms not politics.

        • Lance

          Yes I doubt Steve statement that AKM and AK-103s will be all history due to this and 5,.56mm weapons will be kings in North Africa forever due to this. Think its over blown.

  • Joe Schmoe

    I recall them having a bunch of FN F-2000’s before…

    • Karina

      The ones France sent them? Who knows in what hands they are now. I have heard reports of those rifles having been stolen.

      • anon

        Some turned up in Gaza.

  • James

    My Galil is pretty damn reliable.