New H&K Polymer Magazines

H&K USA has just released new polymer 30 round magazines for the AR15/M16 platform:


Oddly enough, there is not much competition in the way of transparent M16 pattern magazines. The biggest player has been the Lancer L5 mags, which cost $19.99 from Brownells and I can say that I do have some and they work quite well. However, the new H&K mags directly from the H&K Web Shop cost only $19.95, saving you $0.04 over the Lancers! Ok, so that isn’t exactly enough of a price difference to justify one over the other, but keep in mind that those are direct from HK prices, and I imagine if/when retailers get ahold of them the price will drop significantly (like how companies run $10 Magpul magazines from time to time yet you can buy them from Magpul for their suggested retail price).

Anyways, it is pretty obvious as to where these new mags draw their inspiration from:




The magazine with the coupling attachment points is a G36 magazine that I use in my SL8 to G36 conversion. The magazines feel just as stout at the G36 magazines too, and the magazine well relief cut was definitely made to be compatible with the H&K 416 assault rifle. However I decided to see if it worked with some other platforms on the market today.

Locked in and worked great with a generic AR15 variant:


Worked with my short FNC:


Worked with an ACR:


And even with a SCAR 16s. You see, the SCAR is notorious for hating Magpul magazines and using pre-generation 3 mags can cause significant damage to the rifle because it props up the bolt catch just enough to rub the bolt head. To see if this problem was evident with the new H&K polymer magazines, I took the lower off and inserted a loaded magazine:




The magazines in no way raised or otherwise interfered with the bolt catch.

So great, they lock into all sorts of rifles and serve as a huge window into how many bangs you have left, but how do they work? Well, I figure any magazine worth its salt should be able to handle fully automatic fire…

I enlisted the help of my friend Chris, a class II manufacturer of firearms to bring out a post-sample M16 lower with a shrike upper that I was more than happy to help him break in:


The M16 with its high cyclic rate ate the magazine up like candy, but I wanted to see how they ran in my FNC so I let Chris do a mag dump with it:


It also worked perfectly as I have come to expect HK products to.

So that’s that. They are $19.95, they are clear, they work, and they are for sale now.


Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Lance

    Boring. You don’t really need see threw mags is you got to see ammo in your mag Magpuls windows dose a better job. Overall glad this doesn’t have the over blown HK price though.

    • Nope the price is reasonable.

    • sianmink

      This is the one market HK can’t do its normal double whatever’s reasonable price. HK fanatics would buy them and everyone else would give it a pass. The AR magazine market is crowded and competitive. This is a good mag at a good price.

      • Frank

        HK don’t “double whatever’s reasonable price”. They design guns without them being super cheap a lot of the time and they build them very very well. If you can’t see why an HK-45 or P30 costs more than a glock, then you must not know much about machining and economics. All of that stuff about “you suck and we hate you” are just tired internet memes.

        • sianmink

          And that is why G36 mags are over $40 each?

          • Frank

            that’s apples to oranges

        • LJK

          H&K firearms (particularly their long guns) don’t cost that much more than their competition’s products because they’re made so much better. It’s the brand. That said, the brand doesn’t make the thing any worse. They’re quality products. It’s the exact same thing as Knight’s Armament; they supply products to many special forces and as such, they have a very solid, almost mythological brand which enables them to ask a lot more money.

          And just like H&K, they could offer their products at a cheaper price point without sacrificing quality but the hit that they would take on their brand would do more harm (they’re at a point where the brand benefits from the products being expensive) than the added sales they would get from the civilian market. Remember, it’s a company that gets its main income from government sales. It doesn’t have to compete in the civilian market with price.

        • J

          Frank. Glock magazines, for example, are quite excellent. They are durable and dependable. It would be hard to see a HK magazine being better, even though HK mags are much more expensive. I think that’s the point.

    • Karina

      Fuck your “You don’t need”. I for one, welcome new production, well-made, reasonably priced magazines. You’re arguing for petty shit as always, Lance. It’s nice to see something that ISN’T overpriced from H&K, as much as I actually like H&K gear.

  • mechamaster

    If it has magazine clamp-stud like G36 polymer magazine.. Oohh…

    • The Forty ‘Twa

      Pretty clear from the images and associated text that they don’t have them.

  • bbmg

    How do those feed lips stand up to abuse? For $19.95 I’m sure you can afford a couple of drop tests 😉

  • Leonard

    You Americans don’t know how good you have it: in Germany, where these mags are made after all, they cost €29,90. At the current exchange rate of $1,37 per €, that equals $40.96 per mag. Twice the price you pay!

    • sianmink

      I guess there are markets where HK can still get away with their usual price inflation. I take it $12 mags aren’t widely available there?

      • Leonard

        Well not all is lost here. A 30 round OA-MAG, equal to the latest PMAG in all but name, costs €20 (–de–Magazine.html#produkte). Simple AR-15 steel magazines are available for less. Original G3 steel magazines can be bought for €2 if you know where to look.

        I guess it all depends on what is/was common in your market…with the Bundeswehr having phased out most of the G3s, G3 accessories (including and especially magazines) are plentiful and cheap. But AR-15s and their variants were never in widespread use in Germany, with its famous domestic gun industry (H&K not being the only company of note), so accessories for it are harder (and thus more expensive) to get by.

        EDIT: I shall add that shooting and guns in general are not as widespread in Germany and hence the civilian market isn’t that big. Owning guns here is generally expensive and that is considered the norm by most shooters, so there is little uproar. H&K still sells a lot of their MR223/MR308 (German name of the MR556/MR762 respectively) at nearly 3,000€ apiece (without any accessories to speak of, mind) here. This goes so far that many shooters question the quality of semi-auto rifles that cost less than say 1,500€. My very own German-made OA-15 AR variant cost 2,500€.

  • Val Bur

    I’m curious how this mag will work with the Tavor

  • st4

    Dat FNC. Tasty.

  • nope

    and they didn’t think to add the mag coupling ability to at least give them an advantage over lancers? pass.

    • TFB Lurker

      Or the steel feed lips.