Remington 2020 Scope Training & Shooting

An employee of Field & Stream recorded a presentation given to the sales team on the Remington 2020 scope system by a Remington representative. The rep covers everything you could possibly want to know about the scope system. The final video shows the sales team testing the Remington 2020 at the range.

Thanks to Nic for the videos.

Steve Johnson

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  • JT

    I like the concept, but isn’t this just another way of marking up their rifles? I would buy the unit alone, but if it would normally be say, 3K, but they add on a 5-700 dollar rifle with “special accurized voodoo” and charge 5k, they’ve just made an extra 1500 dollars per unit

    • JT

      alternatively, they could sell the unit alone, but calibrate it to be optimized on Remington firearms. I’d still be able to to use it on my savage as a close approximation of barrel length at least : P

    • Nicholas Chen

      When you look at how much the real Tracking Point System costs, this watered down version is much more affordable.

  • JT

    I know some day somebody is going to go the route of copying the fire control reticle from Evangelion

  • derfelcadarn

    I continue to have doubts about all the whiz-bang sightings doohickies available today. I do not doubt that they function as advertized, my principle concerns is what the “modern” shooter does when they do not. Is anyone still capable of being a rifleman anymore ? This may seem antiquated and backwards but that is how times get when TSHTF.

  • Mel

    So, I don’t have the bandwith to watch the entire video, can you download information on handloads or other ammo into the scope, or are you locked into remingtons ammo and rifles, will it be a stand alone unit as well?

  • Rob Gooch

    Cool system but I’m like some of the real world you can only sterilize the entire shot process so much. There is a zen about the operator that can’t be factored into a logic board. However, I must say this rep did an OUTSTANDING presentation. He is great.