Hands on with Bullpup Unlimited’s Remington 870 Conversion Kit

After reporting my new find in a previous TFB article, I just got some actual trigger time with a Bullpup Unlimited Remington 870. In review, what’s neat about this product is that you take an existing Remington 870 pump shotgun, remove the stock and forearm, and then insert it into the kit.

Loading the Bullpup Unlimited was easy. You’re using the Remington 870’s loading gate, except that now it’s located in the buttstock. Shooting it was as great as a stock 870, which I personally love. I found the action to be as smooth as a stock Remington 870 as well. There was minimal wiggle and jiggle and I felt like the Bullpup Unlimited was a solid enclosure.

To highlight its strength, take a look at this video of it getting run over by a truck: (Go to the 3 minute, 44 second mark)

The Bullpup Unlimited’s forearm has a nice ledge on the front to help keep your hand back away from the muzzle. By the numbers, the Bullpup Unlimited Remington 870 Conversion Kit retails for $359.00. B.Y.O. 870 and that could put you in the neighborhood of $700 for an excellent bullpup shotgun.


Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.



  • Slim934

    Any plans for one for the mossberg 500?

    • Hi Slim934- nothing official yet, but you probably *could* hold your breathe for this one!

      • stupidscreenname

        man, I hope so! I’m more of a Mossberg fan… your comment was 4months ago… any word on conversion for the 500 yet??

  • Nicholas Chen

    Chris, with a longer barrel could an Xrail be mounted onto this? Could beat the KSG haha

    • Funny you should ask that question since I was just with the XRail guys this past week talking about that. You should contact XRail and let them know you are interested!

      • Nicholas Chen

        Thanks Chris great minds think alike haha.

        I did talk to God of Xrail at FNH 3Gun about adding twin xrails to my KSG he said “good luck with that” haha

        • Cody

          That would be a heck of a sight to see!

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    It would make more sense based on the Ithaca action. It loads and ejects out the bottom and would be ambidextrous compliant. Geoff Who notes safety should be the first concern.

    • SentMKG

      Browning has a bottom loader and ejector as well. I rather like it other than it’s slightly annoying breakdown.

  • noob

    Hi Chris,

    So can you run the kit without the top shroud on and just use the original bead sight?

    also how is field strip and cleaning? is it possible to access the tabs to drop the bolt out without unscrewing everything?


    • Asdf

      How would you get your eye in level with the bead?

      • noob

        good point, I forgot that the back of the original receiver is too far back to get your head behind with the top off.

    • Hi noob,

      You can’t use the original bead sight, and in fact you need to use the pic rail running on top of the converstion kit. Iron sights, optics, your choice!

      I didn’t get a chance to look at field stripping or how the kit disassembles. However, there are a few YouTube videos that go over the installation process, so I’m sure you could glean enough info there.

      • noob

        Thanks Chris.

  • noob

    also how drop safe is the weapon with the ar15 style selector set to safe and the rear but plate installed (taking the original action off safe) and a round in the chamber?

  • big daddy

    The idea of not being able to get to the inner workings of the gun is a turnoff. Also it’s just bulky, she looks like Ripley with that thing. If I were making a Sci-Fi movie this would be my gun. Notice to be able to fire it she has to use the chicken wing to get it to seat comfortably in her shoulder. So no thanks and that goes for the Kat-Tec too. A bullpup shotgun needs a magazine IMO, it takes too long to load without one. It’s 8.5 pounds unloaded and without any sights. It need to be sleeker, with a mag it can be, no need for the under barrel tube. A better design would use the Black Aces type design and for the receiver to be built into the stock. Also a new pump action with a semi wrap around the barrel configuration. That would make it a sleeker design with a magazine. Use the Mossberg or Remington barrel/receiver and have it easily removed for cleaning. I’m making my tactical shotguns, sleek and light, that’s the way they were intended to be. Not the monstrosities I am seeing these days. Too heavy and hard to wield, they need to be quick to engage and get on moving targets. The idea of the bullpup is to be quick with, it’s just too bulky to do that IMO.

    • stupidscreenname

      what you’re referring to is a completely different gun… this kit for CONVERTING an existing shotgun, for those that want to do that. I agree with you on what you’re desiring… but this basically adding a different stock to your existing shotgun… hard to complain about that.

  • ThomasD

    I could maybe see the utility in either competition or CQB, where the compactness might – might– be an advantage.

    But I wont be converting my home defense 870 any time soon.

    Frankly, I’ve practiced the butt stroke & overhead slam too much to give up that option.

    And at $360 I could easily add a backup pistol for greater drop-and-transition flexibility.

    But, as always YMMV.

  • Mark Hillard

    Remington has a new muzzle break that would be a good add on.

  • Nigel

    Does it do anything better than a conventional shotgun? Probably not, but since when do people care about practicality? We buy stuff cuz it’s cool or because everyone else does, or because we want to be different. Got the money? Go for it, it is kinda cool.

    • vitor roma

      Well, it is considerably shorter without sacrificing barrel lenght, so better to manuever inside home for self defense and also easier to store.

    • trjnsd

      Coming out of the right side of a police or military vehicle on a “hi-risk stop” is a breeze with the shorter overall length. You’re on target much quicker and moving around the window frame is much better.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Hi, Chris ;

    Nice to see that you finally got some real hands-on time with this bullpup. Incidentally, per your October 12th, 2013 initial review of this kit, JT had mentioned that he had some possible concerns with access to clearing FTE’s or stuck cartridges ( without disassembly ), and you had replied that you might be able to provide a more-informed opinion about this once you had a chance to spend some time with the system. Any luck there? I think more than one of us has a similar concern with this. Thanks very much in advance.

    • Hey DiverEngrSL17K,

      Argh, I totally forgot to check on this, and we were unfortunately rushed since it was late and we were running out of daylight to film.

      However, based on what I saw after dry firing and handling the gun for a good 10 minutes, I don’t suspect clearing stuck cartridges in the chamber would be any more difficult than with a stock 870. Another shooter overloaded the tube and got a round stuck, but I easily cleared it using the same technique I use with my stock 870.

      Thanks for the follow up post, I hope my reply was somewhat helpful!


      • DiverEngrSL17K

        That’s alright, Chris, stuff happens and sometimes it’s not possible to satisfy everybody’s requests. Thanks for taking the time to clarify the issue — I’m reasonably sure this information will still be helpful to most, even if it’s not an in-depth investigation. Perhaps a more detailed analysis can be made as a follow-up at a later date.

  • SentMKG

    For all the people who complain about the cost I am thinking this is an idea you could try.

    Honestly I would go out and find the 870 with the most beat up wood that someone wants to get rid of and give the internals a good run through, cleaning, then toss the wood, and throw it in this. Bam. Decent back up home defense gun, if your rifle is out of order, or if you need a really small GTFO bag gun.

  • Nicks87

    Will this thing work with a aftermarket mag extension?

    • Hi Nicks87- my guess is that it probably would, but you’d want to contact Bullpup Unlimited to confirm.

    • stupidscreenname

      yes, it works with magtube extensions and barrels of any length. you’re only concern would be how it looks.

  • 18xray

    Talk about the trigger some. It is a bullpup thus the triggers are always different feeling so, i’d love to know more about that, thanks.

    • Hi 18xray,

      The Bullpup Unlimited trigger was good. There was some pre-travel before the break, but since the Bullpup trigger is connected to the 870 trigger via a bar, the pre-travel was most likely already a part of the 870 trigger.

      In sum: I thought the Bullpup Unlimited trigger was fine. I was able to send follow up shots pretty quickly and easily as you can see in the video.

  • Sulaco

    I just don’t see the reason for this… at all. What am I missing here?

  • trjnsd

    I’d love to see a Bullpup, magazine fed, bottom ejecting shotgun too, but all I had was an 870! I don’t think the “dream gun” exists yet anyway. So, as Gen. George Patton said, “A good plan now is better than a great plan too late.” I wanted a close quarters or vehicle shotgun, and this Bullpup Unlimited sure fit the bill nicely. Its great for room to room searches and rapid entries. When I want to shoot clays I’ll grab an 870 or Mossberg 930.
    Someone will have to publish a “manual of arms” for it due to the changes in loading and slide release, which are now all behind the trigger instead of in front, but it worked out well with practice. Wish it had come out before I retired!

  • Dcoil1

    Any word on whether this stock will work with the Chinese 870 clones, particularly the H&R Pardner Pump?

    • stupidscreenname

      everything I’ve read says that it has been working with all of the 870 clones.

  • Ethan Kahoun

    Can you change out the pistol grip on the enclosure?

  • Matthew

    Hey Chris, how about sights? Seems you’ve got an inch or so between the top of the barrel and the top of the bullpup’s rail…thoughts on holos, red dots, or flip ups? OR…just set your target on the top of the rail? Thx

    • You can shoot it without sights, but it would be like shooting an AR-15 with no sights. Your point of aim would depend on the type of ammo, distance, barrel length, etc which you’d have to test on your own.

      Throwing on any type of sights, iron/red dot/etc on the pic rail will work just fine.

  • brad21814

    what is stopping this to be used with a ribbed barrel?

  • Bananas

    Looks like a pretty cool kit, I’d like to try it. That last video is stopped on a perfect frame though, they put that sight on backwards lol

  • John

    I can verify that this DOES NOT WORK with the Pardner Protector. The key difference is the shape of the receiver. A true 870 has a slope that goes down towards the stock, but the protector has a ridge the extends out and then down. This ridge hangs up on the upper shell of the kit at the rear sling mount. It might work if you dremel that part off of the kit, but I’m not risking it.