Knob Creek ’13: Heym .600 Nitro Express bolt-action rifle

The .600 Nitro Express. What a round! Used primarily for big game hunting, it’s not for the faint of heart, nor someone with a fear of loud noises.

This Heym “Express” model is a bolt-action repeater which can hold 3-5 rounds depending on the caliber. It’s a beautiful rifle, and the two rounds I had were fun to shoot!

Also interesting to note is that Heckler & Koch imported Heym rifles from Germany, which is why you see H&K marked on the barrel.







The business end of the Heym .600 Nitro Express.

The business end of the Heym .600 Nitro Express.


This is Serial #600-0010, making this the 10th Heym .600 Nitro “Express” rifle.



Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • Michael Bergeron

    So how deep was the bruise on your shoulder?

    • I think since I shoot a lot of 12 ga shotgun, it ended up leaving zero bruises.

      Call me lucky?

      • Michael Bergeron

        True you do go through a more than a few shooters worth of twelve gauge.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Burt Gummer would be proud.

  • Lance

    Have fun shooting a few boxes of that caliber.

    • El Duderino

      Kind of like the old classifieds ad: “FS my like-new .460 Weatherby Magnum rifle. Comes with 19 cartridges.”

  • Anton Gray Basson

    I’ve shot a 700 Nitro Express along with the 5 guys that were on the field guiding course with me, it was the most painful thing ever. All of us took our shots, looked manly as we handed the rifle to the next shooter and iced our shoulders out of sight of every body else.

  • BryanS

    As much as I would love to shoot stuff like that, after a while I wonder about things like retinal detachment and other issues with subjecting the human machine to high shock impulses.

    • That’s an interesting point, BryanS. I suppose a few shots here and there won’t hurt.

      But if you shot ten of these a day for a year, then I wonder!

  • Some Observant Guy

    The guy in the background going full auto was having WAY more fun than you.

    “GET SOME!”

  • Andrew Ortwein

    With all the awesome guns at Knob Creek, that was one of the coolest!!