Kalashnikov negotiating joint venture with Beretta.

RIA reports that hot on the heels of a joint venture with Steyr and Glock, Kalashnikov is negotiating a joint venture with Beretta

Russia’s nascent small-arms holding Kalashnikov Concern is in negotiations with Italy’s Beretta on the establishment of joint ventures in Russia, a senior government official said Thursday.

Beretta, which also owns the Benelli and Tikka brands, is in talks with the Kalashikov Concern on setting up a joint venture to manufacture hunting and sporting weapons, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the defense industry.

I am sure that having their guns assembled in Russia allows the foreign gun companies to bypass a lot of stringent weapon import regulation. Beretta, Steyr and Glock all own factories in the USA to bypass BATFE import restrictions and to satisfy military procurement requirements.

Steve Johnson

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  • DW

    Was hoping they would make a magazine-fed inertia-driven Shotgun
    Too bad

  • milo

    i hope this joint venture also involves… i dunno berretta USA assembling AKs for us customers. would be an interesting possibility.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      hmm… that is an interesting idea!

    • Hunter57dor

      it would be nice to get some extras built up here.

      it would at least make the imported part kits a little cheaper for us. supply and demand you know.

  • dp

    Once ideologies are gone, it’s just pure business. This connection may have some undesired effects to companies such as SIG or HK.

  • Clint Notestine

    let the Italians loose on an AK-12 and see what happens

    • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

      Hopefully something that looks like a Lamborghini and runs like an AK !

      • Vhyrus

        With our luck it will look like an AK and run like a Fiat.

  • Lance

    IS this for more Semi auto AKs to the import market??? Remember Styer worked with Maadi of Egypt in the 80s to bring us the first true semi auto AKMs. Be cool to see what happens.

  • plutarh

    RE: I am sure that having their guns assembled in Russia allows the foreign
    gun companies to bypass a lot of stringent weapon import regulation.

    You do understand that Russians are prohibited by law to own guns save for hunting shotguns? And you write for a gun blog? The only “beneficiaries” are cops and military. not private citizens. And export markets.

    • bsnighteye

      Most Russian citizens are allowed to have hunting shotguns, hunting carbines and hunting rifles + non-lethal weaponry and flare guns. Plus Russian like Beretta and Benelli brands, there is demand for them. Why do not take hunting niche?

  • BillyBadfish

    I hope I’m not the only one that hopes to see a 7.62x54R-chambered hunting rifle (read: 7.62x54R Tikka).

    • Stephen Lucas

      You’re not. I want to see one too. Maybe some hunting/sporterized AKs, like the VEPRs or perhaps an upgraded, nicer Saiga, too.

      • jerseydave

        A hunting version of the PSL would be a neat rifle.