Sight Bloc

sight bloc

The Sight Bloc from Range Systems is a recycled rubber product that acts as a rifle rest.  The Sight Bloc adjusts to three different heights.

The Sight Bloc is said to be very durable and according to the company, it “will not freeze, absorb water, or decompose, and always provides a stable and sturdy rifle shooting position.”  The Sight Bloc is no lightweight at 14 pounds, and should not shift while shooting.

sight bloc

MSRP is $49.99.  Currently the company is offering a promotion that includes free shipping on the Sight Bloc.

Richard Johnson

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  • Fred Johnson

    These Sight Blocs are really pretty nice. One of the local outdoor ranges I go to have had them for public use for about a year or more. I’ve used them in all three positions depending on the rifle in use and they work easy-breezy without marring nice wood (or polymer).

    Plus, they don’t seem to move when under recoil. Maybe a wiggle with a .308 bolt gun, but the base stays planted.

  • gunslinger

    what’ the advantage of this over any other sight sled? price?

    • BryanS

      I think it is more of a replacement for sand / lead bags that most ranges use now.

    • Fred Johnson

      They are dirt simple durable. You drop one, nothing gets damaged except maybe your foot. They can be turned to a high enough side to clear long magazines and they don’t leak beads or sand since they don’t contain beads or sand.

      I think they are well suited for use by the general public at outdoor ranges. They are probably much less needed for people with their own backyard range that can fire from other positions than just casual bench rest shooting.

  • Fred

    I tried one of these out last weekend. They are excellent. Easy to use with a variety of rifles, durable and take a lot of abuse.

  • Spencer

    I like everything except the price. I have some really dense foam laying around, I may make something similar.

  • Justin Moss

    the army uses these and they’re really nice. they have a ton of different positions, they’re really durable and useful. 9/10 would buy.

    • KJC

      Roger that, just used them last week, they’re awesome.

  • Laserbait

    My local range has these, and they’re great!

  • Joshua

    These are very nice, I have used them numerous times.

  • Ron Fox

    This is sight block I made for personal use, using 2″ thick rigid foam. It weighs about 1-1/2 lbs and measures 10-1/2″ on all sides. It allows for up to 12 different height settings but I currently have 6 available. I have yet to need a height that I didn’t cut into it. I started with a center ‘core’ that was 4″ thick (2-2″ thick pieces glued together) by 6 x 6. Then I spray 90’d the outer pieces to it and used spray 90 to secure the outer shell edges to each other. Finally I used a band saw to cut the grooves at varying depths – 1/2″, 1″, 2″, 3″, & 4″.
    I have used it for my Mosin Nagant, my AR, my sterling 9mm and my .22lr’s and it works for all of them. I have never had it slide around on me because it has a very large footprint.

  • Paul O.

    Have used one for about a year. Great to throw in the back of a pickup. Weather has no effect on it. Provides nice stable platform. Recommend.