Help Send Xbox Ones and Playstation 4s to Military Hospitals

A TFB reader who works with is raising money to send XBox ONEs and PS4s, along with launch games, to military hospitals as soon as these consoles go on sale later this year. Last year they distributed $58,000 worth of consoles and games. If you want to help out, head to IndoGoGo to donate.

Steve Johnson

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  • Benedict Tan

    As a games industry professional it’s really good to see positive press on games for what they’re worth on a gun website. Thank you for the coverage!

  • Mi┼íko

    probably should not comment…… *firearms not politics*

    anyway greetings from Serbia

    • Trev

      This seems to have absolutely nothing to do with politics, correct me if I’m wrong……

      • Anonymoose

        Sony vs. Xbox is like Democrats vs. Republicans, Commies vs. Nazis, or Chrome vs. Firefox. :L

        • Hunter57dor

          don’ forget 9mm vs .45 acp…

          • Anonymoose

            And 5.45 vs. 5.56!

  • patriot89

    the war on terror is like the war on drugs a charade … but it is cool to send the troops games etc.

  • Ensse

    PS4s, I’m ok with. The Xbox Ones, on the other hand…nobody should buy. I highly recommend that everyone here reads about the “features” that Microsoft is putting in them, as well as the stuff that Microsoft WAS going to put in them, but were forced to make a lot of changes after receiving an enormous amount of backlash from gamers. Let’s just say that many Microsoft fans have converted to Sony.

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 is better