LaRue Offers Customers Free “Beater” Barrels While They Wait

A while back LaRue purchased all the necessary equipment to produce their own high-end match barrels. My sources tell me they went to the Machine and Equipment show in Chicago and walked out with over $1 million worth of barrel making machinery, including a 4 hole drill worth $450,000!

According to the latest LaRue newsletter, the company has not got the barrel making formula quite right yet and don’t want to inconvenience customers who pre-ordered rifles with the LaRue barrels. They are offering them a free “field grade” barrel and will deliver a match barrel as soon as they can.

From the newsletter …

Are you one of the many folks patiently waiting on your LaRue Rifle ?

If so, first and foremost, I implore you to please accept our apologies … every hour, it seemed as if we were an hour from completion … hours turned to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, etc.

Truth is, making a barrel that lives up to our reputation is tougher than it looks. Anyhow, as of this moment, we’re still not quite where we want to be. Even state-of-the-art barrel-making equipment needs tweaking in order to ensure match-grade barrels – and yep, we’re still tweaking.

In the meantime, we are awash in Field Grade quality barrels. So, to get rifles out into long-awaited folks’ hands, we are going to offer to send rifles with a Field Grade barrel on it. These Stainless-Steel barrels are nothing to look down upon, but they’re just not on par with the ones we’ll be producing soon. Consider the Field Grade barrel as a “beater” barrel to use and abuse. The rifle will ship with a coupon for a no-cost follow-on Match-Grade barrel that we’ll send out once we’re satisfied with our setup.

Be advised, But you don’t have to take us up on this offer. You may stay in line if you wish.

Please do not call us, Juli will be calling you shortly … starting today.

Mark LaRue

I think this is excellent service. I wish more gun companies were willing to go above and beyond to keep their customers happy, even if it means hurting the bottom line.

Steve Johnson

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  • Joshua

    Well good on Larue, that is a great quality offer imo.

  • floppyscience

    I think that’s pretty awesome. Can’t say I’ve ever seen something like that before in this industry, or any industry for that matter.

  • nadnerbus

    Too many companies don’t understand the value of a gesture like this. A friend of mine buys some high end Irish butter exclusively, and couldn’t find it anywhere. She wrote the company asking about it, and they just plain sent her forty pounds of free butter.

    Stuff like that is a quick way to high customer loyalty, and good word of mouth advertising.

    If you treat your customers like you need them more than they need you, they keep coming back. Good job to LaRue.

  • Doom

    meh, its either sell sub par barrels and get a bad name, have tons of barrels laying around worth nothing, or give them away to customers to make more customers and greatly increase brand loyalty. it was a great move and will make far more for them in the future than what they lost in the short term.

  • mark

    Good God alert Merriam Webster. Didn’t know “Larue” was how you spelled “customer service”.

  • MacK

    This would of been a great gesture, MONTHS ago. Now its just blah.

  • ThatGuy

    Nice to see management still understanding customer service and it’s value, rather than a line item that should be trimmed. Looks like LaRue will continue to employee a good deal of people for a long long as a result

  • mikewest007

    Buy a Match-grade barrel, get a scratch-grade barrel free!

  • Ryan M.

    Best customer service in any industry.

  • Meh

    How about they go back to their original match grade barrel supplier and continue to offer quality barrels to all their customers until they figure out how to use their fancy new equipment? Oh yeah, that would require a little humility and the ability to work with other vendors, something LaRue has never been very good at. I’m guessing they burned the bridges with their original barrel supplier so now their only option is to pass off sub-par barrels until they figure out how to do it right, assuming they ever do. Only LaRue fan boys would be hailing this as “great customer service”.

  • G-Force

    On a similar story; I had to replace the hammer from my Henry Golden Boy .22 as the gun had been accidentally dropped and the hammer had a major chip. I emailed Henry and they sent me a new hammer for free! I love companies that do great things like this!

    • Ryan

      Another similar story with another hammer, this one was on one of my HK pistols. The hammer functioned fine but, cosmetically, was a little crooked. Contacted HK and the sent one out right away free of charge.

  • SD

    It’s about time. Don’t know why they didn’t do this earlier, as in over a year ago.

  • J

    Guess it didn’t occur to them to actually develop and produce good parts before deciding to offer such a product?

    Had any other company done exactly this, they’d have been thoroughly roasted by every gun rag and forum.

  • ytgh

    The whole industry is jacked up, at least they’re offering an interim solution. I buy from them every chance I get because they’ve been so good to me.

  • Patrick

    Its nice to see a company that loves the shooters as much as the shooters love them. LaRue is and has been one of those companies that refuses to put out anything sub-par and their reputation shows that

    • Patrick

      And honestly with the quality of their products they could take the “fuck you we already have your money and we know you will wait as long as it takes” approach. Nice to see they’ve taken the higher road