Innovative Gunfighter Solutions IGFS G26L

Innovative Gunfighter Solutions is a company in Milford, Michigan that specializes in customizing firearms. The photo above is of their IGFS G26L. The base gun is a Glock 19 that has had its grip chopped down to the size of a G26’s grip. The grip has thumb index points, mag release scallop and stippling. The trigger guard is undercut with a forward index undercut (this prevents “Glock knuckle”). The slide has top and radius serrations.
I think this pistol looks amazing. I don’t know why Glock does not have their own shop to produce these kind of custom pistols, although it did take Ruger 50 years to figure out that there was money in tactical/semi-custom Ruger 10/22s.

Steve Johnson

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  • zem

    thats awesome , are their prices reasonable ?

  • Nokloss

    I know why Glock doesnt have guns like these in their programm. Because they make tons of money with standard Glocks für MIL/LE. Private sales are under 5% of their total sale.
    Same thing about a Glock assault rifle. They are working on it (I personally saw the 5.56 barrels at their factory in Austria) but they take their time. No need to hurry, Glock pistols still sale GREAT.

    • Judson Morrison

      Is this true? Is there a story about this? I’d love to see what they come up with.

  • George

    Since when is following a Trend called being Innovative?

  • Michael

    I would like a 19 size barrel on a 26 size frame
    The ability to put optical dot sight on my 17.
    A glock in .22lr would be great, can’t believe a gun company would not make one, would be a huge.
    As another poster said, they make tons of money on what they produce now.

    • Charles Dahlhauser

      go to they have 22 and 50 cal conversion kits for glocks

  • Asdf

    I checked out their Facebook, but do they have a website? And if not where can you go to buy their stuff?

  • Charles Anderson

    This is actually a Glock they did for 248Shooter. It came out amazingly well and the full write up on it is here:

  • JD

    I wonder who started the S&W scale pattern first ATEi or innovative gunfighter solutions?(besides S&W)
    and does it matter?