Akuna Brass Catcher II

The ABC (Akuna Brass Catcher) is a picatinny/weaver rail mounted brass catcher. The craftsman who makes them will customize it to fit your pistol, so it can potentially be used on any pistol with an underbarrel rail. Rather than just having bag held to the side of the pistol, like its competitors, the ABC has a rigid frame with netting that sits above and to the side of the pistol. It looks far more reliable than the cheap brass catchers I have encountered, but the customization does not come cheap. AtΒ $79.95 it costs twice as much as other rail mounted brass catchers.

ABC 100_6667

Steve Johnson

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  • Not for me

    This must be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

    • Giolli Joker

      First day of internet connection? πŸ˜›

      • Not for me

        Nope. Online almost every day since September of 1994, thanks for asking. Brass catchers work just fine with a rifle. But the only place where this could work, would be at a range with fixed distance and one lane per shooter. And in that case the brass will land near your feet anyway, so there is no need for this thing blocking your view.

        • Giolli Joker

          Maybe my irony was misunderstood…

          Let me rephrase: “Internet makes me see everyday, more than once a day, things that at the moment fall in the “most ridiculous thing I have ever seen” category… therefore who really says it might sound like he has just started surfing the net”

          Does it sound better? πŸ™‚

          • GunNut

            Joker – Thanks for the morning giggle, I needed that one.
            I actually like the setup of this one. After a couple hundred rounds it sucks to spend time picking up al spent carts however I’d need to try it out to see if it bothers your sight line and balance.

    • Chris Richard

      It sucks but the range I goto if the brass hits the floor it’s theirs you can’t pick it up. While I would never buy this it may be an option for some. Myself I just took a walmart mesh fold out clothing hamper, cut the side out and took the mesh and glued the extra into the top. My own brass catcher for about 10 bucks.

      • gunslinger

        wow. is the range free? why won’t they let you keep your brass?

        the range i went to before i moved let you keep your brass, but you had to have it marked prior to shooting, and couldn’t go in front of the line to pick any up. (indoor range with the overhead pully/targets). the game lands i went to was outdoor, and they wanted you to clean up, so either put in their can for recycling, or take home.

        • Chris Richard

          I think its because they resell it, the brass that is. So they make it policy that if it hits the floor it’s theirs. You can use a brass catcher though but they will not provide you with one.

          • gunslinger

            do you have to pay to shoot there? or at a discounted rate? because if there is a range fee, i don’t see why you couldn’t collect your brass (safety issues asside see above about indoor range)

            ohwell i just find that odd.

          • Chris Richard

            yes you do pay to shoot there, indoor 25 and 100. 15 bucks an hour πŸ™

          • gunslinger

            ok, that’s a pretty crappy deal.

          • patrickiv

            That makes me sad. At my range (NRA HQ Range) they let you pick up your own as long as you don’t go in front of the line. At the club I go to, everyone is required to pick up their brass, on both sides of the line.

    • seldomwright

      Shooting outdoors on BLM land, most people don’t bother to pick up after themselves, but I do, and it gets old. Walking around dog tired for thirty minutes, bent over, straining your eyes in the hot sun. I’ll do it again and again, but that’s why this thing is not ridiculous. Looks odd yes, but no more odd than AR brass catchers, which I admit are a little awkward to use. I like that little roller cage thingy too for the same reason.

  • noob

    incompatible with handgun red-dots and lights. which is more useful in training and/or duty?

    • Why are you such a ?

      Why would this be for duty or any kind of serious training? Clearly not the market they’re aiming for.

  • smarin

    this and a silencer will make the ultimate assasin handgun.

    • Anonymoose

      A slide-lock would be better. Unfortunately slide-locks (like on the Mk22 and the suppressed M9 that AFSOC used to use) only work for like 100 rounds before the frame asplodes because it can’t take all the pressures of being fired without ejecting.

    • Anonymoose

      Also, handnugget. :3

  • David

    pathetically stupid

  • Peter Barrett

    If you reload and hate picking up brass, buy a revolver.

  • ClintTorres

    John likes brass catchers! Anything that prevents me from having to scour the dusty floor of the outdoor range I frequent is just jim dandy…”excuse me, er, pardon me, excuse me…um, just lookin’ for ma brass”.

  • Hunter57dor

    i would like this.

    being into reloading, ANY time im trying a new load i carefully inspect the first five rounds i fire. its always a pain when i lose it cuz it bounced off a wall, went down range, got mixed with other brass, etc.

    • Suburban

      I bought a brass catcher that straps to my hand for the same reason – checking the primers of test batches. I wouldn’t pay $70 for a brass catcher though.

  • Justice

    Looks good if you have a sguare gun but it will not work on a beretta. Have a wrist mounted one that doesn’t ride up over the top of the gun and it works great with no visual impairment. I also shoot in my back yard and at puplic out door ranges and it works great there, no one get’s peaned by my shells and no fighting over who,s shells are who’s. Great Idea for those of us who don’t want to waste time or money on shell retrieval. Always been a believer in Work Smarter, Not harder. Some of us want to shoot something with more than a mere 6 rounds, thirty will definitlty get the job done even if you suck at aiming. And by the way, I don’t own one of these. Great Idea but needs some refining, and not much.