3D Printed Pepperbox Pistol

Remember the 3D printed “liberator” pistol? Then there was the first 3D printed rifle. Here’s an interesting new 3D printed firearm that actually looks somewhat useful. Hexen developed this single-action, manually-indexed pepperbox pistol dubbed the “Reprringer”.

The compact Reprringer pistol is a five shooter with stainless steel (unrifled) barrel liners and is chambered in .22 CB Cap (or 6mm Flobert), which is basically a trimmed down .22 long rifle case, lightweight bullet and a primer with a muzzle velocity between 350 to 700ft/s. Hexen even created a nifty 3D printed ammo holder and unloading tool to remove spent cases. While the Reprringer is still a work in progress, it shows just how quickly 3D printed firearms have progressed over the past year.



Ray I.

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  • milo

    now lets wait for 3d printing to evolve to harmonica pistols just like how zip guns did

  • abowden

    it has been fired, a little detail that you left out, probably because it wasn’t at all publicised. This is old news btw. We have made major strides since then, major strides…

  • JT

    This is old news, but it is good people are being made aware of it. This will certainly be something newsworthy when it can fire 22 LR and not just 22CB shorts. Although people will freak out because so many crimes are committed with 22 revolvers

  • JT

    Then again it really only makes financial sense if you had one guy
    running an illegal firearm plant out of their apartment and selling
    these on the street for $20 or something

  • bbmg

    Why the manual indexing?

  • Brandon

    Makes good sense, since the barrels of 3D printed guns don’t hold up very well.

  • grey

    awaiting ballistic gelatin tests…

  • Avery

    In other 3D printing news, a group of engineers just released their plans for a garage 3D metal printer using a repurposed MIG welder with the expectation to get around a $1200 price point.