Wilson Combat ETM HD/+P Magazines

Wilson Combat recently debuted their new ETM HD/+P Magazine for the 1911 pistol. It features their exclusive stainless flatwire MAX magazine spring that’s up to 25% stronger than springs in standard 1911 magazines as well their stainless steel ETM magazine tube. Wilson Combat claims they’re the most reliable .45ACP 1911 magazines in the world, they guaranteed their ETM HD/+P Magazine spring will never need replacement. They retail for $44.95 and currently come in stainless steel with black coming soon. Check out ShopWilsonCombat.com for more info.

The ETM Heavy Duty/+P retains all the features of the standard ETM magazines:

– Increases Reliability in ALL 1911 Pistols
– Aircraft Grade Certified Stainless Steel Tube Resists Corrosion
– The ETM has the Strongest Magazine Tube Yet Developed, Virtually Eliminating Feed Lip
– Cracking, Tube Spread and Cracking and General Fatigue
– Refined Radius for Each Bend in the Tube to Take Advantage of the Strength in the Stainless Steel
– Proprietary, Custom Designed Welding Process
– Proprietary Multi-Step Tumbling and Finishing Process Provides Smooth Follower Operation and   Insertion into the Weapon
– Observation Slots Moved to the Rear of the Tube, Located Exactly Where They Need to be to Maintain the Structural Integrity
– Innovative Follower Design With its Extended Skirt Ensures Stability in Operation and Minimizes Creep from the Tube when the Magazine is Empty
– Fiber-Fill Nylon Self-Lubricating Follower Provides Smooth Round Feeding
– Positive Slide-Lock After the Last Round has been Fired
– The ETM Seats and Locks in the Weapon with the Slide Down
– Removable Base Pad for Easy Maintenance and Versatility with Different Base Pad Options
– The Quality Control Behind the ETM Promises a Lifetime of Smooth and Reliable Operation
– No-Risk Service Policy – If It Breaks from Normal Use, We Replace It!

Ray I.

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  • hypesquirrel

    “Increases reliability of 1911” is another way of saying that 1911 is unrealiable.
    Even Norinco’s plain jane magazines work fine in my guns. And my eyes hurt from all the Capitalized Words.

    • Hunter57dor

      yeah one of the worst mags i fed in my 1911 was a wilson mag.

      weak spring, was causing feed issues and wouldn’t even lock the slide back.

      maybe what they mean is more reliable than THEIR magazines.

      just stick with a standard, 10 dollar GI mag, and you will have no issues.

  • gunslinger

    at 45 bucks a pop, i’d sure hate to have to replace them.

  • nathan beans

    I see this being nessacary for people who do pistol comps…. But my 1911 works better with the 11 buck metalform kmags than the expensive kimber mags… Never tried a w/c mag though but I don’t really see a need

  • Esh325

    Seems like very gimmicky marketing.

  • Cymond

    I had a finicky 9mm 1911 for a while. A little research revealed that Tripp Research & Wilson Combat are the most recommended 9mm magazines. I bought a 9m ETM and it definitely helped.

  • LiberalGunNerd

    I still use the mag that came with my RIA .45 as well as a few $15 dollar gun shop mags. I find it funny that the more expensive your 1911, the more picky it is about mags.

  • 1911a145acp

    I have 30 plus Wilson Combat magazines in 45 acp. The first 20 are engraved and numbered so as to keep up with them on the range and stages. Back in the day ( 25 or so years ago ) most of our club members ran 1911s in 45 acp., if you left a mag on the deck you didn’t want to confuse it with a buddy’s mag. I think I paid the outrageous sum of $ 22 for the first one, it is 25 plus years old and has been rebuilt several times.For reference, new condition GI mags were $6 and new Colt mags were $12. The new mags have better quality control overall and the springs and base pads are much better. Accounting for inflation I suspect they are cheaper and better now at $ 44 than in the early to mid 1980s at $22. I have used most of the others and many are very good but Wilson Combat mags are better than money in the bank. Just my 2c