Spartan Accuracy Oil

MSS oil

Modern Spartan Systems (MSS) announced a new gun oil called Spartan Accuracy Oil.  MSS states:

The proprietary formula uses Nano Shield™ molecular particles with heat activation to penetrate and fill in pores and gaps in the metal substrate. Effectively, microscopic mountains are reduced to flat plains, minimizing the points of contact. The smoother, harder surface has been shown to reduce friction by up to an astonishing 85-90%.

The use of nano particle technology seems to be part of a trend in the gun oil business.  Products like Rand CLP and Evergreen Firearm CLP both claim to use nano particles in various ways to increase lubricity and reduce wear.

MSS oil

Take a look at the video published by MSS below.  Perhaps some of the engineers who read the site can chime in on the validity of the testing.  Is this a good test of these oils?

Richard Johnson

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  • Glassimamaya

    One order of snake oil coming up

  • Blake

    Maybe it’ll fix those dark roots on their blonde spokeswoman too…

    • big daddy

      That’s the look now, it’s called horny bar whore. Very effective for women who have everything they want in life. Seriously it is a new look and it works on certain women, on some it does make them look cheap.

  • schizuki

    Uh… it’s got electrolytes.

    • Sid

      Then, we should use it on plants?

      • Blake

        And put it in energy drink!

        • Psylant

          -just not in our toilets.

  • mirk

    Why is it that on all the other oils the bar is, for lack of a better term, dangling lower than the spartan test. It’s nearly level on their tests, while on the others it’s more like -15 degrees. I’m suspicious.

  • Sadler

    The bar isn’t even touching the bearing in their test.

    • Igor

      They are not scoring points with customers with that fake video. Spread the word folks!

      Italian Gun Grease had a much better video (that seems OK) with close-ups on the “grind”. Guess wh asked for the video to be removed? Modern Spartan Accuracy. There is even a TFB post on it

      • gunslinger

        iwould love to know what copyright claim MSA had with that vid.

        • See above. All videos you see from IGG were made by MSA. That’s about all I can say about it.

          • gunslinger

            so MS made a video with/for IGG, and IGG used portions of it? And from what i can tell, the IGG video made no reference to MS. So i’m wondering now that MS is saying IGG “stole” the video and only used their product?

            but in the video above by MS, they don’t use IGG as a competitor. truly intriguing.

            ultimate cage deathmatch? IGG vs MSAO!!!!

      • There’s a heck of a lot more to that story that I’m not allowed to discuss at this point because of ongoing legal actions. The IGG video you refer to is actually Modern Spartan property borrowed by IGG.

    • PCP

      I love how the weight lever is inclined downwards with all the lubes but upwards with Accuracy Oil, it not only defies known metallurgy but also gravity.

    • The bearing is the place you’re seeing that looks empty

      • Sadler

        Then where is it in the preceding tests? To me, it appears that the bar comes in direct contact with the wheel in all previous tests. There is some constant that was changed in the tests of their own product.

        • They are going to have a professional company redo the test videos. There have been many adverse comments so they will have new ones done so those that see conspiracy will hopefully see the test in better quality.
          I can say these aren’t faked or anything like that.

    • DAZE

      The long 9″ lever drops on all the oils besides their Spartan oil LOLLLLL. What a joke.

  • gunslinger

    all other tests, the “weight arm” was at a significant angle below level. on their product. it is level. same weight, why isn’t the arm down as far? even the 10lb weight looked pretty level. finally after 15 lbs, it almost looks right. but still the “test bar” doesn’t look like it’s contacting the rotating wheel. did they use a different bearing to test? was it in the same location as the others?

    what defines a fail? they said it failed after 2 seconds. but what does it mean?

    • Joshua

      If you notice the little rod that tilts the rear of the bearing bar is shorter when they add that extra 5lb so it doesnt tilt the bar at all.

      Its a BS test, generally they measure the depth of the scar to measure the performance of a oil, not just if it scarred or not.

    • Worn grooves into the metal, smoke and in some a downright lockup

      • gunslinger

        I guess they can look at it afterwards, but i still find it hard to believe that they know “when” the other products failed.

        it didn’t seem that the motor locked up on any of the tests.

  • Asdf

    There spokes model reminds me of Jesse Jane, which is a huge plus for me, but I’m still not going to buy it.

    • Asdf

      Their. Too darn early…

      • Slippery when wet

        Their spokes person doesn’t seem to know how to use ear plugs. And the scope on the rifle is installed funny. These people are clearly true professionals.

    • gunslinger

      overly attached gun oil/lube girlfriend?

  • PCP

    Oh bloody hell, not this nonsense again! Not another “smart-something penetrates gaps and pores in the metal’ nonsense snake-oil! Metal that is serviceable does not have gaps and pores, unless it suffers from severe structural problems, corrosion and erosion; and if you have those you should worry more about your firearm splitting in two and two thousand pieces than it running smoothly. Cal

    • Yep same idea. You magnify steel enough you’ll see even steel that appears smooth will have plenty of surface space for gun products to enter and stay.

      • PCP

        On what kind of metal? On what kind of production metal? On what kind of surface finishing? On what kind of surface treatment? On what condition of wear the piece was? And yes metal, depending on the finishing, have irregularities. Those lubes might be using those, but they are merely attaching to the surface, not magically permeating in between the grain structure of the metal (to be fair hydrogen can do that in certain situations; you don’t what that happening to your gun as it turns steel brittle). If the product does one thing, the company should not claim it does other; that is fraud. And firearms parts are not cast-iron pans, other wise any oil would “season” them (and still not make them a good bearing surface). Remember not all metal pieces are created equal, in one side you have cast-iron pans, on the other CVT rollers, surgical equipment and other precision crap. Those cannot have “gaps” or they risk having pockets of contaminants or a place where that fancy torque transferring fluid can grab and transfers too much torque ripping chunks off your transmission.

        On a side note, why not invest on carbides coatings? Those things when polished have a remarkable low friction coefficient and wear resistance even when dry, brittle truth be told but not a concern on the kind of bearing surface a firearm have. The only downside may be cost, but the thing is going to outlast a few generations.

      • PCP

        PS: I just hope this one doesn’t mold like the frog.

  • dan citizen

    so what exact decrease in MOA should I expect with “accuracy oil”? Will it’s nano-magic make a shot out mosin shoot like a cheytac?

    As soon as I hear “nano” I lose interest. All oil is made of mainly “nano particles” and all refining can be considered “nanotechnology”

    – Nanotechnology (sometimes shortened to “nanotech”) is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale

    – alkylation, dimerization, catalytic reforming, fluid catalytic cracking, thermal cracking, hydrocracking. could all be considered manipulation of matter on an atomic or molecular scale

  • heone

    It’s the Prolong oil additive video from the 90’s back from the dead!

  • big daddy

    OK are they kidding? Is this a joke? It’s obvious that the bearing was not touching on the test of their product. There was some type of stop that limited the arm from putting the pressure down. Anybody could see that, it doesn’t take a mechanical engineer.

  • Blake

    The only “nano-particle” lube I’ve ever messed with where I could tell the difference vs. the chateau walmart I used to use is Finish Line ceramic wet lube I use on my bicycle chains. There is a clear difference in the mechanical resistance & noise made by the chain after using this stuff properly a couple of times. Anyway boron nitride lubricants have been around for a while.

    I put some on a wheelbarrow axle once & it made a huge difference in the amount of crap you could put in that thing & still push it without killing yourself.

    Maybe I’ll try some on the SKS next time it’s due for a cleanup; I doubt it would hurt anything given Norinco’s tolerances…

  • Bubba

    One armed bandit