The New CZ807, Upgraded CZ805A2, Semi-Auto CZ805S1

At a recent event in Liberec, Ceska Zbrojovka unveiled three new rifles. The upgraded CZ 805A2 BREN (photos below) has a number of external and internal changes including a new charging handle, selector switch and flash hider.

The BREN will now be available in a semi-automatic consumer legal version called the CZ805S1 (photo above). No word yet if it will be imported into the USA. We will be keeping an eye out for it at SHOT Show in January.

The company also announced the CZ 807 carbine they developed for the Indian military. This multicaliber version of the BREN can be converted to fire either 5.56 mm or 7.62x39mm.





Many thanks to REMOV for the photos and info.

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  • Edward Brandon

    Is it wrong that I have a boner right now ??

    • sauerquint

      Yes, it’s wrong, and doubly so to announce it. It’s information I don’t want.

    • MemorableC

      If its wrong i dont want to be right

    • Frosty_The_White_Man

      • AJ Buckley

        I think everyone has a woodpecker when they look at a cz805

  • Norm Hamilton

    YES! finally they have showed off a civi version, I wonder how long till i see it in canada!

  • Julio

    What’s the optic in pictures 2, 3 & 4? It looks like a mini ACOG designed to co-witness directly with the BUIS. I’m surprised by its small size and single, forward mount. anyway, I’ve never seen one before (though this may possibly be due to my having just stepped out of a cave after seven hundred years asleep!)

    • I think thats the Trijicon 1.5x16S heres another pic of it by Oleg.

      • Julio

        That’ll be the one – thanks! : )

  • Jack Flag

    I might sell my soul for one (or three) of these.

    OK. I’ll do it. 🙂

  • gvass

    I was there in Liberec this Tuesday, and the Bren is absolutely fabolous, excellent mix of G36, Scar, M4 etc.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    It appears to have many of the features the ARX does, all the while sporting a smaller dress size. Ditch the two-tone and we’ll talk.

  • Xavier Ramos Santoni

    Dear Satan…

  • Mouldy Squid

    Please let these in to Canada. I would love to own one.

    • SentMKG

      I hate that firearms have to be “sporting” in order to get into the US. So friggin dumb. You guys even get the Chinese stuff. So unfair lol.

      • Mouldy Squid

        It’s more to do with your crazy law that x% of the firearm must be US made.

        • SentMKG

          True 992r if I remember right.

          If I remember right AK’s are banned in Canada right? But you can get the VZ of course.

          • Mouldy Squid

            Correct. AK of any type is prohibited. The VZ58 is non-restricted, though.

          • SentMKG

            Silly politicians.

            They are the bane of any sane human being who is responsible :/

            I hope you guys can get them but let me just clarify how BLOODY JEALOUS US AMERICANS WILL BE.

            Very jealous indeed lol.

    • dp

      Hey mouldy
      where do you live in Canada (where is your range)? I’d like to jump in to see your guns.

  • dp

    It looks as development goes on and hopefully in right direction with this new rifle. One thing I like is that its not like that plast-sitcky spaghetti strainer as one known rifle. It gets little heavier, but so what; it fills the purpose. Metal in receiver area is better, plastic cannot beat it.

  • Lance

    Like the smaller butstock it looks better than the crappy BIG thing on Gen one rifle. Looks fun to shoot.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    If CZ really has a contract to supply the CZ807 version to the Indian Armed Forces, it would be a quantum leap for the latter in the right direction, given all the controversy and issues surrounding the INSAS. On the other hand, I wonder if the CZ807 is slated only for select units such as the commandoes and special operations units, which would leave regular troops stuck with the INSAS or an admixture of older rifle types. Hopefully, for the sake of the poor grunts on the ground, this re-equipment will be on a wide general scale. There are few things worse than being expected to consistently achieve high-level results with unreliable or sub-standard tools on a low pay scale, and with the potential of losing life or limb in the event of conflict, even if that pay is a good deal better than what one could earn eking out a living on the farm or as a wage worker in the city.

    • dp

      From what I read in fairly reliable source, the Indian contract would carry up to 60k units plus accessories plus spares. After that, Indian industry would go into their own licensed production. The competition is Beretta ARX160, SIG550 and Colt M4. They will run it thru couple months of winter tests in Himalayas to see how it takes low temperatures. Here obviously metal gun has some advantage. So it looks the focus in on reliability and durability. If CZ gets it, will boost them onto forefront and maybe into any future deal worldwide.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Thanks for the update, dp — your input is greatly appreciated! As it stands in terms of initial quantities and licenced production, and assuming the CZ807 is the winner of the long-term contract, it looks as if the regular troops may finally be getting what they have needed all along. Whether this actually comes to pass will depend a great deal on the vagaries of Indian politics. I have little doubt that, on the basis of pure technical, mechanical and functional merit, the CZ807 is a top contender among a field of excellent rivals, but the inevitable inclusion of politics in the acquisition process, as well as the licenced production clause, gives me pause. This is not a criticism of India or its men-at-arms, but a reflection of a reality that has a well-documented track record that many knowledgeable and conscientious Indian observers themselves have spoken up about.

        • dp

          From little what I know about India, you are right to the point.

  • Esh325

    I bet it will 2 or 3 years before you see in the USA. Or if the laws change, you might get an extremely neutered version, or nothing at all.

  • Anonymoose

    Why do they call it “BREN” anyway? Is this actually part of a secret plan by the Brits and Czechs to replace the SA80?

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      Very interestingly, COD:Ghosts calls this as “SA805” for some reason…

    • dp

      I wonder about it too. It sounds to me kind of off logic, especially considering that Enfield (as maker of Bren-gun along with J.Inglis in Canada) is long gone. In any case, the name sounds ambitious and sets the bar high.
      And yes, it is true that as British do not have (part of AI) their own small arms factory, there may be some ‘plan’ in works. Of course, there is sound competition in form of HK.

    • schizuki

      I’m guessing it’s a marketing thing. Makes you think of the fine Bren gun, and its connection to Czech arms makers.

    • bob

      Its named after legendary light machine gun designed by cz in 1922,mass produced under license by brits during ww2, they kept in service until early 90s.Name probably should help with sales.

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    Now CZ805 needs SBR version for next…

  • Aaron E

    Saw these at SHOT this year and was really intrigued. They felt good in the hand, and shouldered well too. At that time they only had the full-auto versions so I kind of blew them off as a military/LEO rifle only. Glad to see they are recognizing the huge potential in the civilian market as well.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    From what I have been able to find ( and I may have missed something there ), the CZ805S1 is only chambered in 5.56mm x 45 / .223 caliber. Does anyone know if there are plans to offer the rifle in alternative calibers such as 7.62mm x 39, .300AAC and 5.45mm x 39? Thanks in advance.

    • dp

      Plans are there and in fact this was part of original intent to provide for variability of calibres. I read of 6.8 SPC version being tested but not in production; the 7.62×39 has not materialized yet. In a way it makes sense since M43 ammo is on its way out and to use it up they have vz.58. What replacement for SS109 will be, who knows – if any. Probably for that reason they sit on the wire just like the rest.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Thanks once again for the information, dp. Still, given the vast stocks of available 7.62mm x 39 ammunition world-wide, plus ongoing production by several manufacturers, there is still a huge civilian and military market that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Also — with a few exceptions such as Hornady’s SST and Z-Max rounds — there hasn’t been much development done using the M43 cartridge, which could still have a lot of potential with the advent of new-generation propellants and advanced bullet designs.

        It will be interesting to see what unfolds with time.

  • Nathaniel

    They haven’t fixed the thumb-destroying takedown pins yet, I see.

  • Avery

    About time they made a STANAG-compatible magwell. The first gens used proprietary magazines.

    I’m surprised, given the stock similarities as is, that they didn’t make a buffer tube style folding stock, to really capitalize on the American market.

  • Libor Alcr
  • Libor Alcr