Negrini Luxury Gun Cases

Gun Luggage

Negrini, an Italian case manufacturer, introduced a new line of “ladies’ luxury gun case luggage.”  The fashionable gun cases will be available in sets and as individual pieces.

According to Negrini, the cases use “classic techniques and styling” including leather accent and hand finishing.  However, the cases have substance, not just style.  The cases use double-wall polymer, steel hinges and meet TSA lock requirements.

Gun Luggage

The cases have a limited lifetime warranty.  They are sold in the US by International Case Company.

Richard Johnson

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  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Can they make this case smelled like lavender and patchouli?

  • gunslinger

    what’s retail on one of those babies?

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    What the heck is a “Limited lifetime warranty” ?

    • gunslinger

      probably means that not all items are covered, but those that are, are covered for life.

      i.e. wear parts may only have a 1 year warranty, but non wear parts would be covered for life.

      • Van the Handcannon Man

        This seems counter-intuitive for the user, but I could understand it from a business perspective.

    • Fromthesidelines3

      There is no way you are half the firearms enthusiast your handle and comment history implies if this is the first time you’ve seen this term.

      Tons of firearms and firearm accessories are covered by “Limited lifetime warranty’s”.

      • Van the Handcannon Man

        I don’t think you can judge me by my handle and comment history, my handle could have been “dickfart the plumber” and it could have been “Certified Master Gunsmith” without having to prove either of them.
        Second, I got 3 comments on this site, that isn’t a a lot to judge by.
        Third, I live in Norway. Which is a country where, surprise! English isn’t our first language.

        So please, do not judge by handle and comment history, and just answer the question if you are going to answer it all.

        As my mother said, “Har du ikke noe pent og si, da kan du si det på Twitter”

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Why would they meet TSA lock requirements? Seeing as how it’s AGAINST federal law to use TSA locks when flying with a checked/declared firearm.

    • Fromthesidelines3

      The article isn’t saying the locks are TSA open-able.

      It’s saying they meet TSA requirements for firearm transportation, which would mean that TSA is unable to open the locks among other things.

  • legersois

    My Tanfoglio Stock III was delivered in a Negrini case, branded Tanfoglio on the top. Good quality, nice interior. Looks high hand products.

    • lergersois

      Here in picture