DSEi: Liteye Systems LZAD Thermal Overlay Display For EOTech

US company Liteye Systems had their prototype LZAD unit on display at DSEi. This nifty optical system can overlay a thermal image in front of an EOTech sight. It can also display targeting information from a central computer to direct and assist shooters. In the prototype that was on display, the thermal camera is mounted under the carbine’s barrel and wired into the sight.


When I contacted the company about the LZAD they were very tight-lipped and did not want to talk about it. All they said was that it is a prototype which might never go into production.

UPDATE: I have been reliably informed by a representative of the company that the LZAD is not a prototype not only is it in production but it is also in the hands of end-users. The employee of Liteye who I originally spoke to may have misunderstood which product I was asking about.



Steve Johnson

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  • LCON

    Is there a ability to quick detach or non thermal use if you don’t need to play predator?

    • Avery

      It looks like the viewer is an add-on to the EOTech, much like the 3x magnifier, so that looks like it could be removed easily. The actual sight and the heat shield on the gas block would seem to take longer.

      • Julio

        It looks like both the thermal unit and the camera unit are mounted via throw-lever clamps, so set-up/take-down should be very quick. I still don’t get why they didn’t go for a lower-profile thermal camera mounted in front of the Eotech, though.

    • KenoColorado

      This was just a down and dirty way to show a use with a thermal camera. The LZAD accepts input from video and/or computer sources, allowing you to project that image over your real world view. You don’t have to use the EOTech at all. For this demo we attached the new Liteye mini thermal camera under the barrel, but it could be placed anywhere.

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    Underbarrel camera projects thermal image to upper sight?Seriously?
    How many zero-ins we need?

    • flyingburgers

      With some simple image processing it wouldn’t be hard to do perspective correction. (See those car backup cams that stitch together an overhead view)

      • CaptainSlaughterboard

        But doesn’t barrel or handguard itself make dead angle to underbarrel camera image?
        Why don’t go linear to sight but underbarrel?
        This is weird I think…

        • flyingburgers

          The reason is that this is obviously designed so that the gun is usable if the batteries die. You can’t see through the thermal camera so it can’t be in the line of sight.

          • CaptainSlaughterboard

            Ah it might be…but still dead angle problem is lying.
            I think place camera above EOTech will be simply more practical solution for this device.

          • KenoColorado

            Correct, the augmented view is so that if power or signal are lost you can still see-through the LZAD and fire.

    • KenoColorado

      Under barrel mount was only for a demonstration inside DSEI show. LZAD accepts input from thermal camera and/or computer. Real application is for use with products like Pointer from Qinetiq. Overlay firing solutions on real world view.

  • Lance

    Get the Predator view for your hunt now. LOL!

  • Doopington

    Kind of disappointing that they don’t know if they’ll even get it on the market.

    • KenoColorado

      This is actually in production, and shipping! Handful of customers already have them and it is in trials with several groups.

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        Keno, the company said the complete opposite to me. May I ask how you know this? I don’t like it when companies BS me.

        • KenoColorado

          I work there and was at DSEI show were those pictures were taken

  • That seems like an awfully narrow field of view for thermal information to be displayed. I wonder how much detail you can make out at distance with a screen the size of an eotech window?

    • KenoColorado

      Actually, the LZAD performed so well, the enduser didn’t even need the eotech. Simply overlay a lit cross hair or red dot into the LZAD. By doing this you are able to take advantage of the bigger field of view.

      • I know the guys at Scout Basecamp would be interested in something like this. I was talking with them about the Vectronix COTI last week. You should touch base with them: http://www.scoutbasecamp.com/

  • Ash

    Forgive me this may be stupid question but would it be able to be used in conjuncture with a magnifier?

    • KenoColorado


  • KenoColorado

    LZAD is in production and available for purchase. It accepts both video and/or computer input.

    • KenoColorado

      Also available from Liteye is the Aquila “Mini” thermal camera that is attached under the barrel.

  • Sal

    Anyone know if they’ll make an aimpoint compatible version?