Colt LE901-16S 5.56mm Conversion Kit Available Now

The long awaited Colt LE901-16S 5.56mm conversion kit has finally gone on sale at Colt’s online store. The kit allows owners of the .308 Win. Colt LE901-16S rifle to use standard mil-spec 5.56×45 NATO upper receivers. Included in the kit is a magwell block, buffer and spring. It is selling for $294.95.

Thanks to Scott for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • burkefett

    I see Colt is going with the H und K method of sales. A buffer, action spring, and a fairly simple piece of machined metal (steel, I’m guessing) with a pin and a floppy thing on one end. 300 bucks sounds pretty reasonable. /sarcasm

    • Tom

      Careful with the HK jab; they’re kinda touchy about that around here…

  • schizuki

    Buffer spring: $7
    Carbine buffer: $20.


    Magwell block: $268. Well, sure. Why wouldn’t it be?

    • Lance

      Forget your getting the Colt.

      • Brandon

        Colt name: $150

  • TCBA_Joe

    It is a bit on the pricey side. Even Hahn 9mm magblocks are only 160-200.

  • cutamerc

    I’m not a PSA fanboy, but they have complete lowers with Magpul Furniture for $200 on a regular basis. . .

  • BryanS

    Im guessing the price includes the R&D and product support.

    • schizuki

      Yes, pretty much all durable goods have that built in somewhere. It’s a given.

      • BryanS

        Some people dont realize that on a product that niche for an already limited buyer base.

  • Kris Moore

    I like my 901, I just bought the adapter as I like to have options, and I plan to SBR the lower. But the price has made them some cash at the expense of a long time customer. Never again. Nice way to gouge your loyal customers. I hope they all also look into the products of your competitors. With BCM, LMT, Knights and others I see colt sliding into mediocrity and complacency. Bye Bye.

  • Ryan

    This kit should come in the box with all new LE901-16S rifles and should be available for free to those who already own the LE901-16S.

    • Ryan

      Nevermind regarding the first part of my comment. From Colt’s website: Note: All LE901-16S models manufactured after April 1st, 2013 will be shipping with the magazine well adapter block needed to mount MilSpec 5.56 Colt upper receivers to the LE901-16S lower receiver.

  • Longshot

    Colt has screwed me for the last time, First I buy the LE901 gun a year ago that says it will shoot .308 and 5.56 but it won’t.
    Then the part is not included but will be shortly, wait a year for this special piece of aluminum, now get hosed buy Colt again with this crazy $300 price. Now the matching 5.56 upper is still not available yet.
    You can buy a complete Colt Le 6920 for the price of the parts to make this one a 5.56.
    $1,000.00 a Walmart.
    Simply discussing, thank you Colt for taking care of a customer.

    • Joel

      I could be wrong, and someone please correct me if so, but I thought their website said any standard colt 5.56 upper would fit with the adapter. Also, does anyone know if the price for the gun is going to increase once they start including the adapter?

    • NAZ

      how much did you pay for it (colt LE901) if you don’t mind !
      coz am trying to buy one online and I see a lot of prices from $2000/3800 USD