TrackingPoint Documentary

Vice, despite all their usual gun hate, have put together a good documentary on the TrackingPoint rifle system. It is well worth watching.

Thanks to Tom for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • sauerquint

    The pig hunt towards the end demonstrates that there are limitations to the system. It’s not infallible, just like anything else. The cost is what’s going to keep it out of the hands of all but a select few.

    • Patrick Mingle

      Exactly, they are acting as if anyone can run down to walmart and buy tracking point.

      • Cymond

        Let’s see where in goes in 20 years. The first generation of any technology is always expensive.

  • fakefrank0002

    I just watched the video and you can see that there is two points of view represented in the piece. One of the company pushing the boundaries of current scope technologies and the fearful “public” who see all advancements as making Joe psycho who never touched a gun before a one mile sniper the second he picks up the gun.

    The most interesting part to the whole video was the fact that they took two guys who had never shot before and after giving them 10min of training, they where able to make hits at 2-300 yards with ARs.
    Shooting is not hard. Making 1″ groups constantly is a skill especially at range, but just hitting a decent size target without this system out to 500 yards is not rocket science and can be done with rifles and scopes that would run you no more than 1000 bucks. Again not 1″ consistent groups but you will hit it.
    Also the video shows that the system is not perfect because it can not adjust on the fly for the second to second wind direction and strength changes, the technology does not exist yet. At significant distances you will still have to set it up on estimations of wind direction and strength down range. You also have to manage the gun and the recoil and everything else that goes into normal long range shooting and the video shows that too. In the end I think it gives a good representation of the systems capabilities and in a way dismisses the fears of the “public”.

    This is the logical next step in technology and the future of shooting. This is also just the start and just the first integrated system of its sorts, and this makes people nervous. People fear change and to them this, on first glance, changes everything because it is the first time that guns became “computer aided”.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Actually, the technology to tell wind all the way downrange and through the whole ballistic profile does exist. It is used on tanks and there is a special version for snipers that I’m not sure I can divulge more information on.

  • Esh325

    I never got that VICE was “Anti-gun”. They just presented the story.

    • 032125

      Same. They have some journalists with agendas, but the signature Vice style is generally immersion, not judgement.

  • Nicholas Mew

    I can tell you that this would bring so much rage if introduced into video games.