Indonesian Special Forces Adopt Surefire 100 Round Magazine

Indonesia’s Naval Special Forces (KOPASKA) were photographed with AR-15/M4 type rifles and Surefire 100 round magazine. This is the first photo I have seen of active duty troops using the Surefire 100 round magazine. The photo was taken during preparations for the 2013 APEC Leaders Summit next month.


I have used this magazine from a fully automatic M4. It works fine, but it is heavy. Here is a demonstration of being fired in full auto …

Thanks to Jac for the tip. Hat Tip:

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  • 11b

    Man that operator “look” has proliferated. Not knocking these guys, they’re high-speed, its just interesting.

    • vereceleritas

      Didn’t even notice until I read your post. They’re even rocking the partially rolled sleeves and unbloused trousers look.

  • LCON

    I bet that is a real pain in the prone position.

    • BenJamin

      Not if you stick it in this:

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        The enemy might wonder what that magazine shaped object protruding a foot above the top of that hill is 😉

      • CaptainSlaughterboard

        Now I like how the Minimi receives a magazine…
        It would be effective with surefire 100 rds magazine while prone.

        • rjackparis

          somehow i don’t think that magazine would feed fast enough for a M249..

      • LCON

        Okay now you can go prone but try aiming.

        • rjackparis

          look up the BREN lmg. for an idea.

          • LCON

            Bren had a Sight mounted in the magazine. that is a Robinson M96 the magazine, lacks a sight.

          • rjackparis
          • rjackparis

            on the bren, it was off to the left side. it’s safe to assume that this top loader is going to be the same.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Exactly. Please see my reply from 092713 to LCON concerning offset sights and offset top-mounted box magazines. Thanks!

          • Heres A twin barrel variant of the Bren it was manufactured in China during the 1950s from ZB26 light machine guns. It came with side by side barrels and was chambered in the 7.62x39mm round fed from AK47 magazines.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Top-loaded box magazine-fed weapons, regardless of type, typically either have offset sights to compensate for the obvious obstruction caused by the magazine, or else have conventional center-line sights because the top-mounted magazine is itself actually offset to one side, something not usually apparent in most photographs. Highly-successful cases in point of one or the other : Virtually all models and sub-types of Bren LMG, Danish Madsen LMG’s, Czech Praga I-23 ( the actual ancestor of the successful ZB and ZGB series of LMG’s that eventually led to the Bren ), Czech ZB24, ZB26, ZB27, ZB30, ZGB30, ZGB32, ZGB33 and ZGB34, Vickers-Berthier Marks 1-3, and Chatellerault Mle 24/29, just to name a mere handful.

            And in case anyone thinks otherwise, this same precept has been applied to other classes of infantry weapon as well, as witness the highly-esteemed and successful Australian Owen 9mm SMG.

          • schizuki

            Bren sights were front and rear mounted, as normal, and were offset to the left.

          • Michael

            Bring back the Bren, The last one used were in 7.62×51

      • What exactly is that.

    • Spencedaddy

      watch the surefire video where the team is “ambushed”

      they guy is shooting prone and it is….HILARIOUS

      • CaptainSlaughterboard

        I’m verrrrrry afraid of that with 100 rds mag with such carbin-length rifle, Grip-pod will interfere with it…

      • jamezb

        The guy at 4:29 with the canted rifle, appears to be using a dot sight mounted on his rail system at the 1:30 position.

  • Infantry

    Guy front center with “Burst” on his rifle has a USMC patch on his chest rig 😉

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      Who is him? And what is “BURST”? His doctrine? Instead of “FULL AUTO”?
      So pro. XD

    • Landbarger

      I don’t think that’s an EGA. Looks more like a SEAL bowed Eagle with trident to me…

      • Infantry

        Sorry, Im not a Marine! If I had a SEAL patch from cross-training, I’d rock it too.

    • Blake

      As well as a shorter mag, different sight, and a supressor…

    • Thomas Gomez

      Is that “Burst” fellow holding an HK416?

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    Now I think this is real “banana” mag…(You know, Indonesia produces many bananas)

  • Pete Sheppard

    It seems to me the 100rd mag is way too bulky; the 60rd looks about right.

  • Ryan

    If the Surefire 100 mag is anything like the 2 Surefire 60’s I’ve got, they’re going to be clearing a lot of stoppages.

    • rjackparis

      you feeding it 556? or 223? rumor is 223 is the cause of the problem.

  • gunslinger

    i just don’t see what this gives you over a drum mag. if reliability is an issue, i thought the 60s where the right combo of ammo vs bulkiness.

  • mspath

    Well I guess if u can’t hit what you are aiming at, you might as well spray and pray.

  • Andrey Martim

    It is a great mag for the new M27 in my views. It is easier to carry around than a drum magazine (like the ones in the Colt IAR) and has much more capacity than a standar 30 round one. Use a heavy barrel auto rifle with a 30 round mag is somewhat pointless.

  • Lance

    Probably used for men who need light fire support. For a rifle man this is too BIG and heavy to use. But for a man who needs to lay down alot of fire for a sort time this mag would be helpful.

    • Quarterwit

      Forward scout maybe? Initiate contact, dump 100 rounds really quickly and then switch to normal 30 rounders? Something like this would be great for a break contact drill too.

  • Jilu Khan Spandiary

    Why not just use a P90?

    • Blake

      Ammo compatibility.

      • Jilu Khan Spandiary

        I think IMO spec ops, Marines, all branches of the military should use the P90.
        I mean the future of fighting is most likely going to be in Urban terrain.
        Most engagements are within a hundred yards, and the it has a large capacity. What do you think?

        • Matrix_3692

          No matter how good the P90 is, it’s still using a pistol round. And in real combat situation, a weapon that fires a full sized rifle round always packs a better punch.

          • Jilu Khan Spandiary

            Its more of hybrid round imo.

          • Matrix_3692

            Well it’s design is more like a rifle round, but it’s pistol cartridge dimension is the thing that limits it’s performance. It’s better than most cartridge with compatible size, but i seriously doubt that it can even match any performance a full sized rifle cartridge can offer.

        • Blake

          Well, 5.7×28 ballistics are similar to 22 Hornet. We have a CZ 527 in 22 Hornet, and it’s a great varmint rifle. But we’re talking about a 40gr bullet @2800 fps, which really shouldn’t be used for hunting anything bigger than a coyote (& that’s out of a 20″ rifle bbl with no gas system).

          The sad reality is that .223/5.56 isn’t really significantly different with light bullets like that. Sure it’s much faster, but the SD and BC of the round is the same (that is to say, crap when compared with traditional military & hunting rifles). The fact that the US military took a fine precise inexpensive varmint round (.222/.223) and chose to use varmint weight FMJ bullets for combat can only be explained by the strategic preference to wound rather than kill the enemy in Vietnam, and the desire for an individual soldier to be able to carry as much ammo as possible given that they were mostly conscripts and had relatively little marksmanship training. As the doctrine of the time was that they were going to be fighting proxy wars against the Soviets for the foreseeable future, they then proceeded to force this choice on the rest of NATO.

          Using anything lighter than ~70gr in 5.56 for combat operations (or hunting deer) is just silly, and that should really be considered the minimum. There are plenty of stories from Afghanistan where the standard 5.56 load is rendered ineffective by Taliban fighters’ vests full of AK mags at a couple hundred hards.

          One shot, one kill. If I were spec ops I wouldn’t want anything with less oomph than a 100gr 6mm bullet. In your specific scenario of <100yd urban combat, I'd take an SMG in .357sig over a P90 any day of the week (BTW in the photo above the black-clad baclava guys are clearly carrying MP5s).

          That's not to say that the P90 doesn't have it's uses. It's excellent for what it's designed for, that is to say a PDW (the emphasis being on defense). It's small, light, ambidextrous, highly accurate, recoils like a rimfire, and has a very high ammo capacity. It fills the design brief of a weapon whose primary purpose is not front-line combat perfectly. The weird ammo is not an issue as these guns won't get fired very often and when they do it'll usually be near a supply line or a base, and it's really light so a couple hundred rounds can be carried without too much trouble. Someone with basic firearms experience can pick one up and easily engage a target at 50+yds (or even provide bursts of suppressing fire over an extended period of time), which is just not possible with a pistol.

          Putting things into perspective, 5.7×28 fulfills the aforementioned original role of the 55gr 5.56 round better than the 5.56 does :-).

          • Jilu Khan Spandiary

            So, your only very partially agreeing with me.

          • Blake

            TL;DR: 5.7×28 is basically a varmint round. The P90 is a great & practical PDW but should not be considered a substitute for a main battle rifle or a powerful SMG.

  • Aaron Tyler

    All I can think is someone in a wetsuit forgot to bring donuts to the the staff meeting.

    On a realistic level they look like Americans to much and the guys in the wetsuit must be swimming in there own sweat.

    • Bernardg

      Well, since SEAL cross trained with KOPASKA so frequently. Their heavily “Americanized” look isn’t much of a surprise.

      • Aaron Tyler

        I know that they have cross trained and want to look American but I still think the wetsuit guys should have put their clothes back on.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Regardless of perceptions, the fact remains that the KOPASKA are a very, very tough, highly-professional and thoroughly-competent special forces organization by any standards. They are the Indonesian equivalent of the SEAL teams, and are to be respected for their abilities. Whether they adopted the Surefire100 magazine because a higher authority decided thus without the end users’ operational input ( something all too common in any military organization ), or whether they actually had a direct hand in deciding on the Surefire 100 after extensive field testing for specific applications, remains to be seen. One thing is for certain — the excessive length of that magazine is a handicap in the prone firing position, a stance that is all too common in a firefight for obvious reasons.

    • Man pippy

      Probably just military porn for the domestic market, the military still has alot of influence in politics and business.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        You might be right. The Indonesian military has always been an integral part of an entrenched military-industrial complex in every sense of the term.

    • Yoga Praditya Simson

      I know one KOPASKA operator and he told me that his unit tried Armatac SAW MAG recently and actually prefer this than the surefire. However, evidently in the end the Navy headquarters issued them with the surefire

  • Nate

    How long before Obama tries to take them away? haha

    • sauerquint

      Guns not politics, go away.

  • Patrick Mingle

    “If you redeploy we’ll make sure you have some” yea I think the marine corps might have something to say about that

  • José Pulido

    They need to make mags with 6 or 8 stacks to get those things reasonable short, or have drum mags where the drum points forward and is flat to the ground(like I’ve seen in some new Russian examples.)
    This 100 round mag is like watching the Terminator shooting his AR-18 with 40 rounders taped together jungle style. It’s ridiculous.