Diamondback DB15 Pistols

DB15 pistol

Diamondback is now making AR-15 pistols.  The DB15 pistols are chambered in 5.56 NATO and come with 7.5″ barrels with a 1:9″ twist.  The pistols use a gas-impingement system.

Currently, Diamondback lists only one DB15 pistol on the company website.  It is finished in flat dark earth.  The pistol grips are Stark SE-1 grips.  The forend is a Diamondback aluminum rail.

The pistol does not come with sights, but there is a full length Picatinny rail for adding your own.  A MSRP is not listed on the company website.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Ripley

    And a microphone on the back? Cannot unsee.

    • Micki Mahoney

      In all fairness, it is a shotgun mic…

      They must have misread the M26 MASS design brief.

    • Aaron E

      If they (or anyone) are going to seriously build AR pistols they need to put some serious design work in shortening the buffer spring and tube, without affecting the cycling. Not that it completely has to go away, but how about cutting it in half!

  • Todd

    Is it me or are the top rails not level?

    • sianmink

      It’s you.

      • Ian Thorne

        Nope. I busted out the level, I am sure it’s just the gun is angled up, but the front of the rail is higher than the back.

  • david

    What a waste of a perfectly mediocre reputation

  • 2wheels

    How about they focus on repairing the reputation of their terrible pocket pistols before they go making a AR pistol?

  • Sid

    I just don’t understand what the appeal for these guns would be. Buy one if you so desire, but I don’t see it.

    • We have built a few AR pistols so I think I can answer this:

      A) They are pretty fun to shoot. Little extra bang but still not much recoil
      B) Pretty easy to store in your vehicle in case of emergencies
      C) Fits into a backpack much easier than a carbine

      • disqus_sgMcKYCZZ3

        D) Can be carried loaded on a CCW as it is legally classified as a pistol.

    • nadnerbus

      I live in California, so it’s not an option here, but I take it people sometimes SBR these too. Buy one, send in the paperwork and money for the tax stamp, and then slap a stock on? Not sure if it works that way if the lower is marked pistol only though.

      • David Sharpe

        As long as it’s registered as an SBR it’s fine.

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        Plenty of people in California legally buy AR pistols all day every day. Just needs a bullet button to be legal.

        • Cymond

          You seem to have missed the part where he’s talking about using an AR pistol as the basis for a SBR. SBRs are no-go in California.

      • BOB

        cough—SB-15—cough, cough

    • BOB

      ‘Google’ SB-15… ask and ye shall receive

  • Alex Nicolin

    Who would buy such pistols? They must be heavy, and without a stock, the broad side of a barn may prove a difficult target at 100 yards. I’d rather buy a proper rifle.

  • vitor roma

    Frankly, when it comes to very short barrels, I would go piston all the way. DI relies on gas tube lenght to be smooth, in this case it would be quite dirty and violent.

    • Jason

      John Noveske would disagree with you.

  • jamezb

    Interesting, but personally I’m still waiting for one of these:

    • Max

      That’s actually pretty cool. Did they produce many of these?

      • jamezb

        LOL Thank you Max, Glad you like it.-I photo-shopped it from this,
        This one is imaginary, however I see no reason you could not get a Turnbull case hardened “pistol only” marked lower receiver and matching upper, a short gas-piston/barrel kit, and wood furniture and make one just like it. The concept is sweet, and I rally enjoy the idea of AR’s that challenge the preconceived notions of what an AR is.

        I see my flash hider slid down a bit…..oops.

        • jamezb

          Han Solo needs one of these for the new movie…HEY DISNEY!

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          No such thing as a “pistol only” receiver. Receivers are receivers. Just title 1 firearms. No more, no less. The words “pistol” on a receiver are legally meaningless, just as the word “rifle” on a receiver is legally meaningless.

          • jamezb

            While it is true there is no legal requirement for having “pistol only” engraved on your AR lower, it is nonetheless a good idea ..unless you like the possibility of having your gun seized and held by an overzealous ATF agent or LE officer while they take their own sweet time to dig up your 4473 data to prove your lower has never been previously assembled as a rifle.

            This is the reason that most lower manufacturers offer and recommend this engraving as an option. To avoid confusion and legal hassles.
            Before you tell me this could never happen, It just recently did to the owner of an AK pistol..


            I do not enjoy unnecessary confrontations with law enforcement, and I would not want to own an AR pistol unless it’s lower was clearly marked “Pistol only” in letters any jack-booted thug could easily read.

            If you have the time, money, and inclination to bear-bait law enforcement with an unmarked lower, feel free to go right ahead. Heck, if you throw enough of your millions at it you might get the whole silly SBR provision removed from the NFA, and I’d gladly buy you a brew for doing so.

            For myself and the vast majority of gun owners though, we don’t have disposable income to prove technical legal points with, -when any difficulties due to misunderstanding can be easily prevented by a $10 manufacturers engraving option.

            Here is a discussion on this topic from AR15.com

          • gunslinger

            does this mean if i engrave “Not a machine gun” the coppers won’t hassle me?

            man if it were that easy….

          • jamezb

            Since I have come under undeserved attack for this suggestion, let me make this perfectly clear.

            This wasn’t my idea, This engraving has been available as an option… a option recommended by manufacturers, gun writers and law enforcement officials, for many years.

            So don’t blame me.

            If you don’t like it, …if it offends you somehow, …why don’t you take it up with them?

            Even better, why don’t you get your AR pistols engraved “illegally converted from a rifle” and just explain to the friendly, trusting, happy-go-lucky cops that it’s all just a big joke on your part…that makes about as much sense as .bull-headedly opposing a common sense factory option intended only to hopefully prevent you some legal grief.

            By all means, do not get “pistol only” engraved on your firearm, and do not purchase an AR pistol if it is so-marked from the factory,

            You have my eternal blessing for not wanting to do so..I hope having my permission to do whatever you please alleviates your anger at me for having the audacity to suggest something that the very folks who make and sell the receivers feel is a good idea.

            Again. please, please, forgive my affront to your obviously superior legal sensibilities. See you in the funny papers!.

          • gunslinger

            i think you missed my point. there is no legal requirement for a “pistol only” marked receiver. nothing will stop Mr. Friendly, Trusting, Happy-go-Lucky copper from taking the gun if it is stamped as “pistol only.” thus my comment “if merely writing ‘this is not illegal’ would be the magic end all of “i’m the winner” and the forum post you linked said the same thing.

            it’s a peace of mind thing. i just don’t see it because sure it may say “pistol only” but that doesn’t mean a cop can’t take it an research it. then again, how may LEOs hid in the bushes by your house?

          • jamezb

            you win, hugs and kisses!