Champion DuraSeal Self-Sealing Targets

Champion Traps and Targets (an ATK company) has developed a range of targets made out of rubber. When shot, the bullet passes through and they bounce or wobble around. Because the bullet passes through there is no chance of bullet ricochets or spall (tiny fragments of steel) bouncing back. This makes is perfect for close range plinking with the kids. The rubber closes up around the bullet hole so they should last quite for quite a few shots.

Steve Johnson

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  • noob

    I wonder how long it will be before somebody posts a video to youtube showing exactly how much full auto volume of fire is required to cut a duraseal target in half?

    Anyone got access to a dillon M134?

  • Michael

    Could this material be used in suppressor production, It would seal the barrel so that gasses and sound cannot escape while allowing the bullet to pass through.

    • iksnilol

      Wouldn’t it face the same problem that other suppressors with baffles face. That is since they touch the bullet, can they affect its course?

      But with/without those problems it would still be nice for compact suppressors intended for CC.

      Note: I dont know this, I am just asking.

    • Blake

      Wouldn’t last very long before it wore a hole big enough to not be effective anymore. See the reasons for the invention of the De Lisle carbine as a replacement for the Welrod.

      As well as the aforementioned accuracy issues.

      If you want a cheap recyclable supressor, check out the Econo-can.

      • Michael

        I was thinking of the Welrod and DeLisle carbine s a matter of fact, they may not last long, but they are very good

        • Gregory Markle

          While the self-sealing materials used in these targets might help mitigate the issue of wipes wearing out (most wipes are good for 10-30 rounds) I would bet money that the same qualities that would help them last longer would result in even greater accuracy issues.

          I have had the opportunity to shoot a Tim Bixler built 9mm Thompson Contender with a three-lug barrel, mated with a can containing a series of wipes and it was STUPID quiet…as in the fall of the hammer was as loud as the tiny puff put out when it fired. A single shot ridiculously quiet 9mm has VERY few practical applications and only a few of these guns were built (about 20) with all but 2 that I know of being purchased by the government.

      • Gregory Markle

        A friend who has a manufacturing license made an oil can adapter which we put on a 9mm Colt subgun, then we spent a sunny Sunday afternoon with a box containing about $300 worth of various filters. Filter cost seemed to have little effect on sound suppression, the one cheapo Wal-Mart filter was as good as any we tested although if I were going to depend on one to last through a large number of rounds I’d go with some of the hydraulic filters we tried as they were much sturdier.

        Also it helps if you soak the filters in water. Not only does the artificial environment help with suppression, it also prevents the filter material from catching on fire as it did in this beta mag dump (we didn’t have this problem running single 32-round magazines through and allowing cooling time in between.)

        The iPhone used to make this video seems to make the gun sound much louder than it was in person. Not sure if there was active attenuation involved which was trying to amplify incoming sound resulting in clipping but it sounds much chippier than than the video from my T3i (which isn’t on the net and I don’t have the drive handy that it is stored on.) We were actually VERY surprised at how good the suppression was and how well it compared to commercial cans.

  • Aaron Tyler

    Well I am a canuk and in my primitive testing I have realized a grave error with these products. While plinking with 20rnd mags and high and hyper velocity .22 ammo the ground targets can sure get bouncing the only concern is that. I understand .22 can and will ricochet when hitting the ground. causing safety concerns in adjacent ranges at gun clubs.
    Some people also hilariously mis read the packaging and think that some how these targets are designed to take a thousand 308 or 7.62×54 rounds they will holdup forever to .22 and that is it.

    P.S. as a regular reader of this website I would appreciate that there be some sort of marker indicating that this is a paid advertisement. I have got nothing wrong with advertisement I understand the need to keep the lights on and the ar15 fed but it would be nice that that clarification is given. 🙂

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Aaron, we don’t need to mark “paid advertisements” because none of our articles are paid advertisements. None. Never Ever.

      We do have paid banner ads on the site, but those are pretty clearly ads.

    • We’ve posted many times about our policy on advertisements. In fact Steve has posted about it six times that I can remember.
      While we have banner ads the staff of TFB have nothing to do with them or even know who they are any more than a reader would.

      • Aaron Tyler

        My apologies It seems to me that some articles featuring a product come across in a very almost press release like manner or as if you are reading the back of the box. This champion duraseal does not in my most primitive googling abilities appear to have been invented yesterday. I purchased one 4 months ago and it seems to be holding up just fine. Thanks you for the clarification sorry to be adding to a raft of people that have most likely made this same comment.

        • Steve (TFB Editor)

          Sometimes we just like a product, or in this case I like the look of it. I plan on getting some for the children in my family to shoot up around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

          • Aaron Tyler

            Have fun I recommenced the ball as even with .22 they can really get rolling.

  • BryanS

    Ive had 2 issues with these.

    the ones that are supported by the metal wire stand (spinners): My first round on 2 of them was to cut one of the legs off the stand.

    The other issue, as noted by another commenter… my club will not allow these due to the chance of skipping rounds. So fine if you are in the desert.. but the rest of us will have to pass.