I.O. Inc AR-15 Lowers

IO Inc ar-15 lower

I.O. Inc. is now making CNC machined AR-15 lowers. ¬†According to I.O. Inc., the stripped lowers are made from a “solid block of billet aluminum” and accept “all Mil-Spec AR15 components and feature original Mil-Specs.”

MSRP on the new lowers is $199.95.

Recently, I.O. Inc. moved to Florida from North Carolina, and set up shop in the Space Coast area.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Darryl

    To I.O. Inc: Please do yourselves a favor and remake that video. No one needs to stare at a CNC machine that you can’t even see into it. Have your camera operator learn how to focus. And record your audio when the shop is quiet.

    • BoHeck

      Completely agree. This video is really an embarrassment.

      • RobGR

        Like the rest of their products? IO continues to be an embarrassment, honestly, what else is there to say and wtf do people buy their garbage…. but they are definitely not the only brand that is guilty of being dangerously subpar.

  • thedonn007

    Why would I pay $200 for a mil spec billet lower. build in a trigger guard. make it look a little different.

  • gunslinger

    does PSA still offer blemished lowers for sub 100? Heck, isn’t there a Ti lower for 199?

    • disqus_6U2X3FyU7z

      yes and yes.
      also I saw Noveske Gen 1 chainsaw lowers for $180 about 2 months ago from joebob outfitters.

  • M. R. Chozias

    Lol @ a $200 lower from IO….when you want half quality at double the price.

    • Michael Schmidlin

      Was thinking the same thing.

  • allannon

    I’m with the rest so far. Seems like an overpriced standard lower.

    I paid $130 for a non-rollstamped lower a few months ago when prices were still inflated. It’s got great, clean machining and mil-specs (and, currently, is making a superb paperweight. >_<).

  • Big Daddy

    I guess people that don’t know any better would be impressed, I’m not. And I ain’t no expert, that’s for sure.

  • Lance

    BUT do they make a correct A1 lower for there Retro A1 rifle there plan to make????

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    A milspec lower is machined from a forging. Billet is not forged. Therefore, these lowers CANNOT be milspec in anything other than some dimensions. And if the wall dimensions in critical places aren’t THICKER than a standard lower, billet tends to generally be weaker since, again, it’s not forged.

    Standard lowers may not be beautiful, but forged 7175-T6 aluminum is some amazingly hardy stuff. Billet looks good, but in the long run it won’t stand up to the abuse of a normal forged lower that for half the price would.

    • Gary Patterson

      bought a 80% forged 7075 for about half the price from gunpartsplus.com and finished myself, great experience, and can say i did it.

  • SD

    How can a billet lower be considered mil-spec?

    Ugly logo too. Sorry IO, another miss.