SureFire Updates Dedicated Shotgun Forend (DSF) Weapon Lights

Surefire has updated their Dedicated Shotgun Forend (DSF) Weapon Light line of products. They attached to a range of pump-action shotguns replacing the factory handgrip/foreend and have a 600 lumen light and switches built in.

SureFire has completely re-invented its Dedicated Shotgun Forend WeaponLights from the top. The new DSF-Series Shotgun Forend models are the latest addition to SureFire’s class of integrated weapon-mounted lights. All DSF models feature an ultra-high-output of 600 lumens on its high setting and 200 lumens on its lower setting. Additional features include a precision reflector, ambidextrous switching, and sleek high-impact polymer that is textured for a secure grip in any tactical situation.

The new Dedicated Shotgun Forend models are designed to replace the factory forends on the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590, Winchester Defender 1300, SPX and Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal (FNH) P-12, Benelli M1 Super 90 and M2 models. No permanent modification to host weapon is necessary for installation, and all models seamlessly integrate into place of the factory forend.

The DSF features large, tactile momentary and constant-on switches on both sides for precise control by left- and right-handed shooters. Selecting the LED’s output is achieved by activating the light in constant-on mode and then pressing the output-mode selector switch until the desired output level (600 or 200 lumens) is set. The selected output can then be left in constant-on mode or switched to momentary activation, and it stays at that output level until reset. Every DSF-Series WeaponLight also features an integrated system-disable switch to prevent accidental activation during transport, storage, or stealth operations.

All DSF models produce tactical-level light (over 50 lumens) for 3 hours on two 123A lithium batteries.

The DSF-870 MSRP is $375.00. The DSF-1300/F2 and DSF-M1/M2 MSRP for $395.00 and they are available for purchase through authorized SureFire dealer’s, calling SureFire at 800-828-8809, or going online at

They look very sexy on a gun. I would love to be able to purchase one of these for a semi-auto.

Steve Johnson

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  • Geo

    Looks cool, but way to expensive.

  • Tim U

    If only they made them for the Nova tactical models as well as the M1/M2… I’d get one in an instant, and I don’t care if it is almost as much as the shotgun.

  • Nathaniel

    There is one grammar error in this article.

  • Chris Chappell

    I would also like one for my Nova, 200 bucks would most likely be my ceiling though.

  • Chickenwing

    I saw these in the glass case at Walmart yesterday. I live in NY so any gun related merchandise in our Walmart is encouraging news. They have a lot of ammo and cleaning stuff but rarely any accessories of this type. They also had Bushnell night vision and some AR specific Bushnell scopes. Things are looking up at my local Wallymart. 🙂

  • They still cost as much as the shotgun itself.

  • Yoyo Ma

    When is the announced release date for these?