SIG P938 Suppression

SIG P938 silencer

SIG Sauer displayed a suppressed P938 pistol at the 2013 SHOT Show, and there was some speculation as to whether this gun would be a shipping model. recently posted that a model number has popped up for a threaded P938 barrel (just the barrel, not a variant of the pistol.)  If the company will be making a run of barrels, I would not be surprised to see a whole gun being offered.

A suppressed P938 would be just part of SIG Sauer’s push into the sound suppressor market.  The company announced a line of suppressors in late 2012, and offers a number of different firearms that are threaded for various muzzle attachments.

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  • JT

    Did they work out all of the kinks in the p938 yet? CandR reviews wasn’t too happy

    • Burst

      I cynically believe they will try to sell them anyway.

  • hami

    Probably going to want some higher sights on that bad boy

  • saiga556

    My 938 has been flawless. I want that barrel. How much

  • Doopington

    Why no threaded p232 so I can pretend I’m James Bond if I got a can?

  • cdphil

    Shot the p938 Was not impressed in fact was the opposite…my Walther pps .40 had less kick then that thing and the one i had was not reliable …before shooting one i was on track to buy one…after shooting i no longer have it anywhere on my list of guns to buy

  • M@

    And then there’s this from Sig’s website…

    “The 9mm SIG-SD pistol silencer is designed to be run “wet” with a liquid cooling agent. This allows the silencer to be significantly lighter and shorter than competitors’ suppressors. At just 3.7oz and less than 4″ in length, the 9mm SIG-SD silencer does not require a piston or “Nielsen”-type device to allow for proper function. The 9mm silencer is threaded 13.5x1LH.”

    Of course they have to be different… That being said, I’ll probably end up getting one.

    • HSR47

      I’d recommend looking at the Degroat Nano suppressor instead.

  • Whistling Sigler

    What do you mean.. “kinks”.. JT? The p938 works great out of the box. The problem is that its so cool that you don’t take the time to clean and lube it before you go shooting and of course it will stick. Mine was just made so it was not dusty from sitting around on the shelf and it worked great the first box of cheap tula ammo. I just can’t put this thing down! A silencer on the end is the only thing that can make this better. Even the laser isn’t good enough to complete it but a silencer…that is the ultimate!