Missile Launcher Found In Trash

Credit: Kyle Slavin/Black Press

During my impoverished college years I had friends who regularly went “dumpster diving” late at night in the dumpsters behind supermarkets to find fruit and vegetables which had been thrown out that evening. I never joined them. I was not as hungry as they were. Years later I think I might have missed out finding some really nifty junk in the trash. The Metro.co.uk reports on a MANPAD launcher found in a Canadian dumpster …

The military-grade weapon appeared in a recycling bin in Victoria, British Columbia, leaving local residents stumped as to how it got there.

Staff at Hartland recycling landfill called Saanich Police as they were ‘concerned it may be usable’, Sgt Steve Eassie said.

‘At this point it is inert; it is no longer housing what was once a rocket inside the missile launcher,’ he added.

Police have said the ‘Guided Missile System Intercept’ is around four feet long and weighs less than ten pounds (4.5kg).

They believe the weapon was designed to be fired once and it would have been used by the US military to take down aircraft in the 1960s and 70s.

Those sneaky Canadians to the north pretend they don’t have as many guns as us but now we know they are closet gun loving nuts 😉 I can understand why someone would want to secretly dispose of an illegal weapon, but I can’t understand why they would put it in with the recycling. Are there free recycling dumpsters in Canada? Maybe they were trying to save a few dollars.

The MANPAD is a  General Dynamics FIM-43 Redeye. Dating back to the Vietnam War these single use missile launchers were used by the US Military and allies until it was replaced in the 80s by the Stinger missile system. Canada never adopted it, how it ended up in Canada is a mystery.

Many thanks to Karin for the link and info.

Steve Johnson

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  • Combaticron

    It’s an empty, disposable launcher. Once the missile has been fired, it can no longer rightly be called a weapon, and was probably sold (perfectly legally) as surplus junk. I wish people would quit getting their panties in a wad about things they don’t understand.

    • Rational Skeptic

      “I wish people would quit getting their panties in a wad about things they don’t understand”
      C’mon, man, that’s just human nature… Remember the “Keep Gov’t out of Medicaid” protest signs? We ALL have at least one thing we don’t understand but get wadded up about, that’s just being human =)

      • MrSatyre

        So is complaining about people getting their panties in a wad about things they don’t understand. =)

    • Hunter57dor

      yeah cuz, i mean, i can just go walk to big 5 and go get some more ammo for my rpg7 launcher….*facepalm*

      • Brandon

        Maybe they thought it they recycled it, it’d come back with a fresh missile.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I don’t think it would be considered surplus junk in most (western) jurisdictions. I think it would probably still be considered a firearm.

      • Combaticron

        Hey, how about looking it up, and then we can all know for sure?

  • guest

    The missile tube looks right – but the sights are wrong. I think this specific one was a tracking head trainer, for practice. Yellow indicates a live missile, tho.

  • Big Daddy

    That’s a relic. It’s really just a useless piece of junk and should be in some museum.
    What worries me a bit is the missing Russian MANPADS from Libya. By the way that’s why Benghazi happened, they were looking for them. It was a clandestine operation with the diplomat being used as a cover. Someone sold them out.

  • BryanS

    Junked military surplus found… media flips, PD uses as a photo op. News at 5, 10, 11, 12, 1, ……

    • Anonymoose

      You forgot the part where the politicians use said photo op to say “look at this HORRID, CHILLING, EEVUL, ARMY-GRADE SALT WEPPUN! BAN EVERYTHING!” and increase Canada’s already-silly gun laws to UK or Ausfailia levels.

      • Omniscientia

        Ausfailia = accurate

        • Just a guy

          I currently reside in Australia and don’t see the gun laws as a problem, you can own anything with the right license and it does keep most people off the backs of legal shooters (just my 2cents)

  • As a Canadian: I can confirm that this unexpected discovery has us all terrified. 😛

    • Cdn Phil

      Actually as a Canadian I want it for my Museum!!!

    • gyrfalcon

      Pray to your beloved Queen for guidance!

  • Mountain

    Agreement is reached in the “Why is this on the news, let alone TFB?”

    Idiots freaking out about a fiberglass tube gets old. There are plenty of articles on the web about “XXPD finds rocket launcher.” or “Rocket launcher brought to gun buy-back.”

  • jamezb

    LOL It never ceases to amaze me when the press tries to start a panic over an inert nothing. THIS is the level the opposition operates at.

    “A scary looking, empty, OLIVE GREEN TUBE with WIRES AND SIGHTS, threatens to sprout spindly legs, run amok, and bonk thousands in the head! We journalists, having watched television dramas, ALL KNOW McGuyver could have that thing operational in minutes with nothing but the contents of your refrigerator and a ball point pen!! – Everyone run in circles—NOW!”

    It would be funny if average Micky and Minnie could already see it the way we do, but as it is, either discrediting the BS is left up to us, or upon us the flack shall fall..

  • Graham 1

    “…and this thing for shooting down police helicopters!”

    • joe tusgadaro

      With a Redeye you’d be lucky if it could find the Sun never mind an aircraft.

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    ….How in the fok does that end up in the trash?!

  • Patrick Mingle

    This is just like when an inert AT4 got turned in at an LA gun buy back. Everyone flipped out because they don’t understand that it becomes a piece of garbage once it is fired. You cant really blame people who don’t know what it is

  • Rick

    best thing I ever found in the trash from military personnel was the detonator clicker for a claymore mine.

  • treefroggy

    It probably went to Canada during the 60s to get CO status .

  • Geo

    Notice the stainless metal loop attached to the front. I suspect this was hanging as a display piece in an army/navy surplus store at one point.

  • Random Thought…


  • look a grenade

    Every single day there’s another one of these news non-stories somewhere about someone finding one of those inert grenades you can buy at any army surplus store. This almost always results in the local bomb squad coming out to safely deactivate the completely safe, inert grenade. It’s political theater. The police call it a ‘fundraiser’ because it makes them look like they’re really needed. And they need more $ now to buy a bomb robot.

  • mikewest007

    So, it’s inert, unable to fire or be reloaded. Where can I get one? I’m all out of conversation pieces.