Taurus CT40 Carbine Now Shipping

Last month we announced that Taurus was shipping their new 9mm Taurus CT9 carbine. The company has just announced they are now shipping both the CT9 and the .40 S&W version the CT40. These guns have been a long time coming.

From the press release …

Taurus®, the global leader in revolver manufacturing, launches their new CT9/CT40 Carbine platform. The CT9 (9mm) and CT40 (.40 cal.) is a new close quarter carbine platform for Taurus, with a blowback-operated system that fires from the closed-bolt position.  The CT Carbine’s upper receiver is constructed of aluminum with an integral full-length Picatinny rail with sights attached.  The rugged rear flip up sight is elevation- and windage-adjustable and the square-post front sight has a protective hood. The convertible charging handle can be switched for right- or left-handed shooters.  The CT Carbine incorporates a versatile polymer handguard that can accommodate 3 additional Picatinny rails in the 3-6-and 9 O’clock positions for the addition of accessories.

The lower receiver is comprised of polymer with steel reinforcing inserts.  The CT Carbine has a skeletonized fixed stock, pistol grip and a very distinctive magwell that doubles as a forward grip, providing additional control.  The ambidextrous fire/safe selector switch is located just above the grip for quick and easy operation.  The magazine release is located near the magwell housing, protecting the magazine from inadvertent releases.  Provided with the CT Carbine is a hard case, sling, cleaning brush and owners manual.

ACTION: Semi-Auto
TWIST: 1:9
WEIGHT: 6.6 LBS. (without mag)
REAR SIGHT: Fully Adjustable

Concealed Carry Show recently did a video review of the CT9 …


Steve Johnson

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  • JT

    I might consider this if it took glock mags. I’m avoidng Kel-Tec, but to my knowledge they are the only company making a Glock magazine carbine

    • Tim U

      Lone Wolf makes a dedicated AR style lower that accepts Glock magazines. You can also buy an upper from them. It’s a little expensive (right around the $1k mark if you buy a complete lower and upper from them) but it does do exactly what you want.

    • Frank

      A company that makes handguns isn’t going to make a rifle that takes magazines that are from other manufacturer’s handguns.

      • Tim

        Keltec does 🙂

    • The Vector uses a Glock hi capacity magazine. 30 something rounds.

    • Hemiheath82

      I would buy another Kel-Tec before I bought one of these monstrosities.

    • Alan

      I have a JR Carbine in 9mm that takes glock mags. Plus they have the 40 & 45. Plus u can easilly convert calibers. Great gun for the money. 9mm has got some punch out of a 16″ barrel

  • Alex Nicolin

    1:9″ for pistol rounds?

  • Spencedaddy

    so……this is available to civvys yeah?

  • Daniel Alan

    you got the capacity wrong who gives a shit about california compliance (10 rounds), when the rest of us get that 32 or 35 round magazine yes? ………yes

    • Paul Epstein

      You do understand the 10 rounds is federal import law, nothing to do with California, correct? No imported rifle can come into the country with a magazine larger than ten rounds, although presumably a larger one can be added once it’s safely past customs.

  • Eric S

    Ya know, I kinda like it, but not $900 like it. That’s a lot for a poor man’s MP5 carbine.

  • Clint Notestine

    looks like a nerf gun painted black

  • Lance

    Looks like Taurus is going head to head with Beretta’s CX4 Storm carbine.

  • Asdf

    Have urge to SRB it…..

  • BC

    Would have been helpful to mention what type of magazine it takes. Taurus makes Beretta clones – are they the same style mags here?

    • Anonymoose

      Probably not, unless you mean Beretta M12 mags, and then it’s only a maybe.

  • Michael

    Too much money, ugly, needs proper pistol grip, folding stock and needs to use readily available high capacity (glock) mags.

    • BOB

      all of which, with the exception of the Glock mags, I’m fairly positive will be supplied by the free market if this becomes a popular enough gun.

  • Walter E. Kurtz

    If there was a award for ugly firearms design, Taurus would have a permanent lock on the prize. They would also win the “No Innovation Here” award.

    The horror…the horror…

  • schizuki

    Well, it’s ugly, but at least it will be unreliable.

  • Panzercat

    I’m speechless. Taurus redesigned a Hi-Point carbine, made it heavier, more expensive, with next to no improvements and it’s being pushed as a good thing? I mean, at least give us more than 10 rounds? No?

    Complete fail.

  • thomas

    just saw these in stock price was 750, but you can get them online for 600