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  • Asdf

    I am surprised that they weren’t destroyed when they got back to England.

  • Lance

    Yeah British soccer moms think history is too violent to be shown ever in public LOL.

    • brokenlol

      The Imperial War Museum has 5 branches, three in London, one at Duxford, and one in Manchester. England, Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall are covered with monuments to those that have fought for that soil.

      The United Kingdom doesn’t have Soccer moms you backwards ignorant fuck.

      • Anonymoose

        Oh, right. They call them “football moms” over there.

      • Michael

        Imperial War Museums, and other Military Museums in the UK are filled with Artifact from military campaigns all over the world from many 100s of years, worth a visit for any American. I recommend Bovington, the largest tank Museum in the world. You will get strange looks when you look at guns and “I have one of those.”
        Michael, Ex Pat.

      • FourString

        ZING. Great post, brokenlol.

      • HSR47

        Right, they have football moms.

      • BrokenLOL delete that last line. Disagree all you like but keep it civil. That goes for all.

        • FourString

          or delete the “ck” and replace with a “q”? :DD?

          • That works as well

            The darn thing is fine except the last line–oh well instead of delete I’ll just remove it myself four string

  • bob

    So basically the british did it again, stole other people property and brought it back and said” Look what we found more of our old junk”

  • Dave_FM

    Glad it wasn’t destroyed. We found a lot of neat stuff over there (such as Bren MkII’s) but nothing like that

  • Austin

    “A British Colonel?” Read that as “a clump of junior enlisted men located and excavated the guns, so the Colonel could take credit.”

    • Michael

      So I see you know how the Army system works
      Soldiers do the work, NCOs organize it, Officers take the credit. Generals drink Gin and Tonics while talking about it.

  • Me

    You people really don’t know anything…I actually worked on restoring these 2 old guns this is a part of British history and there is only 20 of these guns left in existence today out of 10000 made nearly 100 years ago. I think you shouldn’t comment on something you clearly know nothing about..

    • Frank

      It was a joke. Chill out.

      And thank you for the info, got anything more to tell us about the restoration?

      • derfelcadarn

        Just because it was said in jest does not make the observation untrue. Lots of people were involved in many “restorations” of relics that does not they were not stolen or that the people getting the credit did any the actual work.

    • jamezb

      We are happy for you,
      We are happy the guns were recovered.
      We thank you for your efforts in restoring these artifacts.
      We are disgusted at the fact that your government has infringed upon your gun rights, and that ours is trying to do the same. This makes government entities and the upper levels of command chains on both sides of the sea less than loveable to us.

      ..we are also incurable smartasses. Don’t take anything we might say personally without first taking to heart the first four points made above. Great job on the big guns, you lucky dog.

  • Me

    One of the guns that was restored did go in a museum

  • FourString

    Certainly looks like these mates took far better care of this historic equipment than the last owners. Right proper of em!

  • Bear @ C&L Armory

    It’s good to see that historical pieces are being saved and not destroyed. Too many times have I read that a piece of history was destroyed because of ignorant decisions. Example, Australia collecting all of the firearms in their country and melting them down to scrap. Some of which were priceless antiques from the beginning of that country. It broke my heart.


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  • Daniel R. LeClair

    Where did they end up?