DSEi ’13: Companies Kicked Out For Promoting Less-Lethal Technology

Magforce 300000V Electrical Stun Baton

Along with professionals, gun industry expos and defense industry shows invariably attract a small but persistent crowd of haters determined to see them shutdown. Every couple of years some company is kicked out of a show for some minor infraction after a media “storm in a teacup”.

DSEi has all the latest lethal technology on display from warships to MANDAPS to grenades, but certain less/non-lethal equipment is banned from being promoted. Two companies were told to leave the show for handing out catalogs containing “prohibited” less-lethal technology at an arms expo, the irony of which was lost on the British media. The BBC reports (emphasis added)…

Two companies have been ejected from a UK arms fair for promoting illegal weapons, after an MP raised the issue.

A spokesman for the DSEI event in London’s Docklands said they were French firm Magforce International and Chinese company Tianjin Myway.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said the companies were promoting handheld projectile electric shock weapons, weighted leg cuffs and stun batons.

Organisers said HM Revenue and Customs enforced the law at the event.

A spokesman said the two companies were “found with literature in breach of British law”.

You can’t make this stuff up 🙂 Just to add to the irony, just three days ago the BBC reported that Taser use by police in the UK has doubled in the past few years

Police use of Tasers in England and Wales more than doubled between 2009 and 2011, according to Home Office figures.

The devices were used 7,877 times in 2011, compared with 3,328 in 2009.

In only about a quarter (25.7% in 2011) were they actually discharged. In most situations they were only readied or pointed as a warning.

I suppose anyone needed leg cuffs or shock collars in London this week will have to find the nearest erotica store 😉

Steve Johnson

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  • The Trucker Prepper

    I’m so glad my great-grandfather made the boat ride across the pond to give me the freedoms we are fighting to keep today. Blimey!

  • Madeleine Goddard

    Electric shock batons are considered torture instruments under UK and European Union law so the organisers did not have much choice – failure to take action would render them complicit and legally liable. Similarly, weighted leg irons are seen under EU law as instruments that are inappropriate for use in civilised liberal countries. Non-EU countries are of course free to make their own decisions about what may be considered appropriate or not.

    • dan citizen

      “Electric shock batons are considered torture instruments under UK and European Union law” -I guess they will soon require a label that says “FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY”

    • Anonymoose


  • Alex Nicolin

    That’s like the US Armed Forces investing in non-toxic rifle ammo, while using DU rounds in Iraq.

  • Edgar Castelo

    A spokesman said the two companies were “found with literature in breach of British law”.
    I call that, let’s see… Fascism.

    • Madeleine Goddard

      Yes, the degree of political correctness and mealy-mouthed sanctimonious humbug inflicted by the liberal left in Britain has create a situation where the government and police can and will close down all kinds of debates that would be considered normal conversation in the USA. It is just a form of left wing fascism and has left an awful lot of people feeling totally alienated from their own society, as well as leading to a steady collapse in support for any of the main political parties. For example, after the banning of hand guns we now have the Scots ‘government’ wanting to ban air rifles unless you have a firearms certificate and have been checked out by the (thought) police. Just watch out – this is the route a certain US president would love you to follow. Have a good look at the UK to see the results. We’ll bounce back eventually though. These things are all cyclical.

      • Edgar Castelo

        Yes, cyclical, but it took 48 years in Portugal, and 50 years in Spain, to leave our Fascist Regimes… Civilization will not survive 50 years of PC-ism, not with that Vulture that’s Islam, standing by…

  • unclezip

    The cattle prod is way over the top. I’ll do anything in my power to kill any person attempting to force me to ‘comply and obey’ using one of those things.

    • Anonymoose

      I believe it’s meant for use by prison guards, not cops on the street (although in Britain they might actually need something like that, as bad as their crime is). Most British cops are not allowed to carry any sort of firearm or even a Taser- just a whistle, a fixed baton, and handcuffs.

      • Mr.E

        Plenty of cops in the UK have spring-loaded collapsible batons rather than fixed, and they nearly all carry CS spray of some sort (or at least have the option to do so). Not so sure about the whistle though.

        • Mystick

          There is some irony there… Firearms and tazers: NO. Chemical weapons: YES

        • Anonymoose

          Oh, I thought they b& those too…maybe that’s just for “civilians.”

  • Anonymoose

    What’s the point, since only military and police are allowed to utilize anything at this expo (unless they had break-action shotguns and bolt-action rifles there), and even then are extremely restricted on their use? “Better martyred to incite a riot than in the hospital suing over police brutality”?

  • Joseph B Campbell

    Sadistic tweets. Can’t provide literature to the public, but it is OK for the Police and government to use them on citizens throughout the Union. You all make the fuehrer proud.