Rock Island Armory Changes Their 1911 Roll Mark

The Philippine 1911 maker Rock Island Armory has finally listened to their customer’s complaints, they’re finally getting rid of the large roll mark on the slides of their 1911 pistols. Instead of covering most of the left side of the slide they’ve reduced the size of their logo and moved it to the back of the slide right above the safety. I think it looks quite a bit better. They announced their sleek new look in a recently released press release below.

Rock Island Armory Intros Sleek New Look for Legendary 1911 Pistols

Pahrump, NV – Rock Island Armory, the world’s largest seller of 1911 pistols, has introduced a new look for their entire line of popular handguns. Guided by customer feedback and a shift to provide a more streamlined look, Rock Island Armory has moved their logo from the side of the slide to the back of the slide displaying the distinctive Rock Island Armory logo. The company is now shipping all 1911 pistols with the new look.

“Two of the things that are important to us are staying true to the legendary standard platform of the 1911 and the second is listening to our customers,” said Martin Tuason, President of Rock Island Armory. “We were ready to refresh the look of our pistols and we heard a lot of feedback that the subtle change to a smaller logo at the back of the slide would give our 1911’s a more distinctive and streamlined look.”

The new visual change to the company’s 1911 pistols follows on the heels of the addition of rubber grips to the 1911 Tactical Series. Rock Island Armory’s global lineup of 1911 pistols includes the GI, Tactical, 2011 Tactical, Match, MAP/MAPP and the company’s revolutionary TCM series.

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  • John

    I would’ve liked it if they, instead of moving and resizing the logo, just got rid of it altogether and just roll marked R.I.A. on the slide.

    • saiga556

      I agree. The logo and “billboard” on the slide has always made the pistols and the brand look cheap.

      I love my RIA 1911 GI but have always hated the way the logo looks. There is alot of info out there about removing or covering up the rollmark. Some day ill get rid of it.

  • Harrumphapotamus

    …”recently released press release”
    Did they release it like 4 minutes ago?

  • Mike Knox

    Isn’t R.I.A. a U.S. brand?

    • danny

      No Filipino. Maker of arms or and ria and some other sub brands.

      • danny


  • Bear @ C&L Armory

    This was a very smart thing to do. There are pistols out there that are of very good quality but people won’t buy them because of the “billboard” of a roll mark on the firearm. (Example: Remington)

  • gollan

    Why is the logo white? Looks cheap and stands out too much, a gun slide is not the las vegas strip. A simple engraved or stamped logo would look much better.

  • Andrew L.

    At this image size i cant really even see it..

  • counsel dew

    I just want to see the 4″ tactical… 🙂