DSEi 13: Range Master .50 & .338 Lightweight Tripod

UK firm Range Master Precision Arms unveiled a new tripod that is light and packs down into a small bag, but is sturdy enough to use with heavy .50 BMG and .338 LM rifles. Its carry mag is about the size of a six-pack and the entire package weights about 4.5 lbs (2 kg). Impressive.

Packed down into carry bag.

Packed down into carry bag.

The company has not uploaded the specifications to their website yet, so I don’t have any more specs for you. The rifle shown in the photos is the Range Master Precision Arms G2 (Strike 30 Chassis) chambered in 7.62x51mm.

Steve Johnson

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  • Julio

    Interesting. It looks like the legs are a fixed length, with height adjustment achieved by adjusting the straps between the legs -presumably there’s just one strap that runs freely through a D-ring on each leg… but the free end doesn’t look long enough to allow you to set it good and low.

    I use a Manfrotto which has telescopic legs and a side trigger head adjuster and like the way I can set it to the height I need whether I’m shooting sitting or even prone.

    My set up is fine for 7.62×51, and mostly used with a varmint rifle in a MDT TAC21 chassis as a kind of “rod rest” that lets me relax most of the time yet acquire the target and shoot quickly and consistently when the moment arrives, but I don’t think it would cope with .338 or .50.

    Then again, this was clearly designed for a very different game of skittles!

    • Michael Markham

      Hi Julio. Thanks for comments. You are correct that this is really aimed (!) at tactical environment. Also more useful for bigger calibre. Hope you will see it in the US soon enough. We are distributing thru Accurate-Mag Inc. Best Wishes
      Rangemaster Precision Arms.