DSEi 13: Heckler & Koch MP5 and HK MP7 Now In RAL-8000 Green-Brown

Heckler & Koch has an MP5 and an MP7 in their new RAL-8000 Green-Brown color scheme. I first recall seeing a complete H&K rifle, including optics, in this color scheme when they unveiled the H&K G28 DMR last year. Since then we have seen H&K machine guns and now we have submachine guns in the same colors. Also note that the MP7 has a red dot sight in the same color scheme.


Here are some more H&K photos from the DSEi show …






















The poor neglected H&K G36 does not get a new coat of paint. Still H&K matte black polymer.

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  • KCDS

    I thought HK no longer make MP5? And what is with the MAG?

    • Andrew

      Those are HK’s new polymer mags.

      • kalashnikev

        He’s talking about the FN MAG that someone attacked with a yellow paintbrush.

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      MP5 is still being produced.
      And that MAG is fucking HK221 that is officially based on FN MAG unlike MG4 lol

    • Phil Brereton

      The MAG, or L7A2 to be precise, with the yellow barrel is the Safe Blank Firing version for the UK military. The bullet trap will stop 3 rounds of anything including AP.
      Good to see the Shield Minisight on top of the G28 DMR as well.

  • Tom – UK

    It’s good to see the MP5 is still going strong. I don’t see any real reason to replace it, its reliable, accurrate, can be supressed and changed to mission specific requirements. It has a long proven track record, its not broke so its not being fixed BRAVO!

    • Lance

      Word up and it has every size and suppressed and unsuppressed config you want.

    • Esh325

      This isn’t about the MP5 in particular, but smg’s in general are thought to be slowly going away in favor of short assault rifles and PDW’s.

      • scw

        They have been saying that since the 60’s and yet SMG is still around. SIG-USA and M&P even introduce new product just recently (and none of them is marketed as PDW.)

    • FourString

      Is anyone else really fascinated with that new G36 optic and buttstock??!

      • SP mclaughlin

        The stock is the IDz spec ops stock I believe, and it has a Zeiss ZO scope.

        • Masoo2

          huehuehu found u pat and yes that is the IDZ stock and sight rail, not to mention a kewl new lower reciever

      • Secret Squirrel

        G36 is more or less dead. The new buttstock was developed for Bundeswehr for the Gladius Programme 3 years ago.

    • Anonymoose

      I really do like the UMP though. The only thing it lacks is an adjustable stock and integral sound suppression, and the way the MP5SD does sound suppression isn’t very good- you can only use light “standard” bullets, which are reduced to subsonic velocities. Also, you can change calibers in the UMP pretty easily, while the large-cal MP5s were discontinued ages ago.

      • The FBI had some in 10mm but when they dropped the ten those never came about either.
        It actually does sound suppression very well. The SEALS wanted it even quieter so the 147 grn was invented at Olin in the Alton, IL. location.
        I got some of the first 147’s that were destined for the SEAL teams. They did drop the decibel level a good deal.
        The MP5SD was my issued entry gun so I’ve shot a lot of rounds through one.

        • Anonymoose

          I was under the impression that the MP5SD couldn’t use 147gr ammo…? And if you’re already using subsonic ammo, what’s the point in using it in a gun that reduces pressure indiscriminately to make supersonic bullets subsonic?

  • Big Daddy

    That color is similar to field drab, it’s a yellowish green brown color, although it’s hard to be sure with my PC screen. Works well in any vegetation, jungle, woodland whatever. A terrible color visually but it works well for camo. That and OD green mixed is what a modern combat weapon should be colored. Black sticks out like a sore thumb, the eye is attracted to black. You can easily break up the pattern with a few different colors, add OD and a foliage green to this and you have a mix for any environment except the artic. A lot of WWII allied forces used a similar color. It kind of looks like diarrhea.

    • Tierlieb

      Have you seen it in real life or only on photos? Because on the latter, it sometimes looks kinda cool.

      I was pretty soked when I saw the pics first: After years of trying several RAL colors hoping to find some that match typical American ones (e.g. FDE and Foliage Green or the Multicam colors), I was really happy to see this attempt to use a standard one that you can get in Europe without having to import it or mix it.

      And then I saw it in real life: Imho it is a terrible color choice that does not match any typical background, be it sand, dried mud or leaves. It does work if you plan on hiding in a wheat field or among bales of hay, though.

      • Big Daddy

        Only photos, it’s hard to tell on the PC screen what the color really is. I have been trying to match parts from different companies and everybody’s OD Green is different. This color seems OK to me. But not as a stand alone one. It’s a compromise, if it was mixed with a green or two it would work. Look at the colors of the allied troops in WWII, they did use a similar color called khaki. It’s a common military color used in many countries camo schemes. I think they probably call it something else now. It blends well with OD and a medium green.

        • Tierlieb

          Personally, I think it is even too bright for mixing with other colors. The Germany army, being as bureaucratic as usual, defines a catalogue of several colors for changing the default woodland pattern (black 9021, brown 8027, green 6031) to match desert regions: RAL 1039, 1040, 6040, 7050, 8031. All of these seem sensible to me, and none of these is RAL 8000

          I agree that the inspiration was the WW2 color. I guess some designer at H&K heard about FDE being all the rage, looked at traditional German colors and heard about this WW2 color. Fun fact, though: The old one made for the German Afrika Corps was mixed for that purpose and there is a bit of a confusion about what RAL number it is supposed to have (7020, 8020, 7008 or 8000) 😉

          In the end, I like the symmetry, though: When the German army bought Serval vehicles for desert operations only, they could only get them in dark green. And, of course, not even the default bronze green, RAL 6031. (Keep in mind: vehicles built specifically for military purpose)^^

  • Big Daddy

    RAL8000 Cerakote has that color.

  • scw

    Why they are showing the MAG thing at the show? do they actually make them?

    • Dr. Zarkus

      It’s the L7A2 that is produced under contract exclusively for the British Army.

  • gunslinger

    why not RAL 7035??? i’m around that stuff all day…

  • Stephen Lucas

    Forgive my ignorance, but why do manufacturers always put that weird scoop in the stocks of machine guns? Doesn’t that kind of ruin a good cheek weld? I’ve never figured out what purpose it serves, other than looking dumb.

    Oh yeah, and G36!!!!!!

    • Joe Schmoe

      Your left hand is meant to rest on that area with your head resting on your left hand on top. It also allows you to get into line with the iron sights.

  • Andrey Martim

    The MP5 being still manifactured is kinda strange… It is a great SMG, but I don’t see advantages against the UMP or the newer SMG’s.


      The UMP has a slower rate of fire and is harder to shoot in rapid fire. Operators perference I guess

    • Brandon

      It’s still a great gun after all these years, plenty of police departments know them and like them. No reason to discontinue a popular product.

      Plus, the UMP only come in .45 so MP5 gives operators the option of a 9mm sub-gun, which is nice if you use 9mm for your duty pistol also.

      • scw

        The UMP in the picture with the curved magazine is 9mm. It has been around for some time. UMP simply does not offer any real improvement over the MP5.

      • Andrey Martim

        The UMP also is available in 9mm NATO and .40 too, and it is also cheaper. That is my doubt about the MP5 being in market yet, if there is a cheaper and more complete option on market.

        • Anonymous

          The UMP isn’t nearly as durable, though…and I say that as someone who both dislikes the MP5, and has blown up a UMP.

    • kivaari

      MP5 is preferred by the users because it has weaker recoil and it recoils straight back instead of going up like the UMP9

  • Mike Knox

    Pics #3,#6,#9,#10,#11,#14,#15,#20, Free Pens!!

    • Julio

      A lot of the German companies are getting into free pens… baseball caps are so old hat! (I’ll get my coat.)

  • Axel

    That G36 stock with adjustable length, cheek pad and ejection clearance is pretty cool.

    • snmp

      IdZ (Greman Futur soldier program) Stock & handguard

      You could see that’s the HK G36 in Photo have magwell for STANAG Mag (aka HK416 mag)

  • Lance

    Yawn well if a SOCOM operative wanted his SMG in green high temp paint would have worked too.

  • Mmmtacos

    Some real beauties in there… c’mon Germany and US, get with the program and let us have these guns. I rue the day the Hughes amendment ever came to pass… and the 1968 NFA. These are the two most illogical gun control measures and do nothing to help us. They look like two black eyes to gun rights advocates and I sorely hope we get them repealed in the near future… so I can enjoy me some H&K MP5 goodness without paying out the ass and having to get a pointless tax stamp.

  • Kyle

    Just what I’ve always wanted, an MP5 in babypoop.

  • DiFiCanSuckMyB@lls

    I’ll stick to a company that doesn’t hate me and thinks I suck, *cough* IWI *cough*

  • Secret Squirrel

    Most interesting thing on the stand was the HK417A2. Surprisingly lighter than A1 version also with new two-position gas regulator for suppressed firing. So much better than SCAR-H IMO.

  • Kyle Sarver

    That MP5 looks really good in that color scheme.

  • beachbum68

    MP7 FTW! I personally would love one of these! Just sick that these aren’t sold in the US…

  • Jonah

    I wish HK would make a semi G36 for the US civilian market. Maybe one day.

    • John Anastas

      the USC is basically one and there are plenty of UMP conversions out there.

  • Patrick Mingle

    I have seen the future and it is in flat dark earth