Beretta ARX-160A3: The Infantry Automatic Rifle Model

We still have not seen a specification sheet for the new Beretta ARX-160 A3, but judging from the promotional image above and with the redesigned heat shield/handguard I think the A3 version is a sustained fire, or Infantry Automatic Rifle, version of the ARX-160.

Here are some more photos of the ARX-160A3 from the DSEi show floor …







Steve Johnson

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  • Giolli Joker

    This “Russian website”:
    I thought it was Italian, it seems to be German/Italian…

  • mechamaster

    IAR with Quick change barrel. Neat !

  • George Odom

    I Love it, right to my wish list.

    • FourString

      you know, it actually looks a bit better balanced with the drum mag. Lol

  • J.T.

    “AllShooters reports that the new gun can be switched to ejected from either the left or the right by simply using a bullet to toggle a cross-pin”

    Doesn’t the regular ARX 160 do that too?

    “I am sure the A3 version is a sustained fire, or Infantry Automatic Rifle, version of the ARX-160.”

    That barrel looks way too thin for an IAR.

  • Andrey Martim

    Beatiful… That ARX160 is a piece of art, that A3 model is one monster rifle.

  • Pierangelo Tendas

    Dear Steve,

    Here is Pierangelo Tendas, from ALL4SHOOTERS.COM. Hope you remember me… we had previous contacts, concerning specifically the Arsenal Firearms AF-1 “Strike One” semi-automatic pistol.

    I recently read your post about the Beretta ARX-160 A3; as the author of the quoted article, there are some points I have to make, which I hope you will get sorted out as soon as possible.

    First of all, ALL4SHOOTERS.COM is NOT (mind, NOT!) a Russian website. We are an international platform based in Italy, and we have versions in Italian (, English (, German ( and Russian (

    Second: the ARX-160 A3 can *NOT* be “switched to ejected from either the left or the right by simply using a bullet to toggle a cross-pin”. It retains the standard left-hand/right-hand ejection system of the standard ARX-160: you are issued with a cross-pin that has to be inserted in a slot in front of the stock hinge to convert the ejecton from right-hand to left-hand; you will need to push the cross-pin from the other side with a small sharp
    object, such as a bullet tip, to REMOVE it and revert the rifle to standard ejection!

    The ARX-160 A3 is *NOT* a sustained-fire/IAR version of the ARX-160. It’s simply the new standard upon which the new-manufacture ARX-160 rifles will be made, much like the M16-A2 replaced the A1 with some changes. Specifically, changes include:
    #1 – A stronger polymer formula for both lower and upper receiver (details about the formula are classified);
    #2 – A strenghtened stock that can be used as a blunt object to open crates, breach doors, and whatnot — this was also found on the ARX-160 PDW ultra-short variant seen at the 2013 SHOT Show, and developed upon requests from a yet undisclosed U.S. Government agency;
    #3 – Quick caliber conversion system from 5.56x45mm to 6.8x43mm – conversion requires barrel and magazine change only – thanks to a universal bolt head that’s compatible to all rifle calibers with shells not longer than 45mm (conversion to 7.62x39mm still requires replacement of the entire lower receiver to use AK-47/AKM style magazines);
    #4 – A further barrel lenght, which adds a 14.5″ option to the 12″ and 16″ options
    available up to now.

    The version you – and many others – mistake for an IAR variant is actually nothing else but a standard ARX-160 A3 assault rifle with a 16″ barrel, a bipod attached, and an ARMATAC CL-150 double-drum magazine. It was made to show perspective buyers that the ARX-160 A3 is capable of IAR-type sustained fire in ALL its forms, including in the shorter barrel variants.

  • Raven

    Ugh, that receiver really needs to be slimmed down.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    It looks difficult to get a purchase on with your forward hand without using a vertical foregrip.

  • weng

    nice gun..hoping of having this one… ^_^

  • J-

    Sexy women, sexy cars, sexy bikes, and sexy guns! The Italians know how to make stuff with panache!

  • Eurocopter

    As someone who loves bulpups, saying that this thing looks front heavy might be an understatement 😛