Cadex Defence Strike Dual Rifle Chassis Now In … Pink

Quebec firearm accessory maker Cadex Defence was displaying their new pink colored Strike Dual Rifle Chassis at DSEi ’13 in London today. This high-end stock sells for just under $2,400. The new color “Double Candi” is offered alongside Black, Tan, OD Green and Bio-Z (a slightly lighter green).

The Strike Dual Rifle Chassis’ are made in short action, long action and .50 caliber sizes and are avalible for a wide range of rifle actions, including Remington, Sako, McMillian, Surgeon and Stiller.


The Cadex Defence Booth

Steve Johnson

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  • mikee

    No thanks – a bit pricey!

  • Lance

    Pink rifles for the new post DADT military! LOL

  • t-bird

    Pepto-Bismol Pink?!

  • LCON

    Pink… Yes pink the us military today announced its new universal combat uniform. When asked why pink officials stated that the choice was made to embrace the new kinder gentle nature of American power… Also it went well with Barbie’s dream house.. Troops when asked to comment simply placed there palms to there exasperated faces and groaned.

  • Mike

    For $2400, a rifle needs to be included!

  • Mike Knox

    Frames like these always confound me how many rifles they’re actually worth..

  • Toby

    why do they have orange tips like airsoft guns / why is that barrel blue?

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    That is certainly an….err….outstanding shade of pink, should we say. Are they expecting it to be a signature firearm for urbanized CQB in a candy-manufacturing district? 🙂