Interesting DIY M1 Carbine Stock

"Kedah's Chief of Police, Dato' Ahmad Ibrahim shows confiscated weapons"

Since August the Royal Malaysian Police have been running  ‘Ops Cantas’ (Operation Cutover), a nationwide crackdown on organized crime specifically targeting illegally acquired and manufactured firearms. This operation has included many road block around the country and raids by the Rapid Action Unit SWAT team. Last Thursday the police raided a house occupied by two men who were suspected gangsters. Among the cache of firearms they captured, which included three Colt carbines and a number of AKs, was a M1 Carbine with an interesting stock which looks better suited for a competition target .22 and out of place on an old battered M1 Carbine in the jungle.

The Sun 05.09.2013 B-1

The  thumbhole stock, while quite worn, looks like it was expertly crafted. It has a high Monte Carlo comb (cheek rest) and a moulded grip. Curiously it has a picatinny scope rail that extends almost all the way to the butt. I can’t think of why they would have installed the scope rail like this. Maybe nobody had a hacksaw on hand to cut it to the correct length? The scope looks to be either an original or a clone or a Walther-branded red dot.

Thanks thanks to Azril for the information.

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  • Gregor

    The scope mount looks like one of those two stage scope mounts for AR15 handles:

    It looks like is actually mounted to the stock and floats freely over the receiver. So the lower portion serves as a mounting point on the stock and not to actually put something there.

    • Giolli Joker

      Probably they considered that drilling the stock (or directly driving screws in it) was much easier than to modify the receiver.

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        That makes sense!

      • Casey Baker

        And would have provided a much more solid mount than trying to mount it on the handgaurd. Got to give them credit for ingenuity!

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Great find!

  • Xavier

    The scope mount actually makes sense, since I doubt they’d have access to anything other than cloned reflex/red-dot scopes. Keep the scope out of the recoiling assembly’s touch, giving you an airsoft optic that will survive use on a M1 it normally wouldn’t.

    • mikewest007

      And it’s on an airsoft rail too.

  • Nishi Drew

    Yeah, the reasoning for adding the rail there makes sense, but my cheek won’t be happy pressed up against a rail, especially with the recoil!
    Though, can just add a rubberized rail cover there

  • Curio and relic fan

    I like the stock, maybe the person who made it could… i don’t know… sell them over here? but then they’d have to move to the US to get around annoying import laws. oh well

  • Graham 1

    That looks like it’d be a brutal cheek-weld

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    What pissed me off is most of the Malaysian media called this M1 as a ‘Homemade rifle’…

    UPDATE:- This case will be investigated under Malaysian Law

    A) Section 8 of the Firearms (Heavier Penalties) Act 1971 with imprisonment for a term of 14 years and caning of not less than six times

    B) Section 8 (a) of the Firearms Act 1960 which can be punished with imprisonment not exceeding seven years or a fine not exceeding MYR 10, 000 or both.

    The accused (suspected gangster) also can be charged with :-

    C) Section 3 of the Firearms (Heavier Penalties) Act 1971 which carries a mandatory death sentence.

    • Matrix_3692

      Face it, man,i had long give up hopes on Malaysian media, especially on articles regarding firearms.

  • John Daniels

    So I guess you put your cheek on that piece of rail at the back and just let it grind your face off every time the gun recoils? Seems legit.

  • Matrix_3692

    Wow, since when did Malaysian regular street thugs had such an arsenal? I can’t remember seeing that much firepower since the end of the “M16 gang”. It makes me kind of worry about my home since i’m studying abroad.

  • Brandon

    Looks a bit like a Walther WA2000 doesn’t it?

    • John

      Are you saying that just because it has a thumbhole stock?

  • Zius Patagus

    I’m just putting everyone on notice that I just invented a cheek piece that fits on a pictinny rail mounted on a rifle stock. I have the rights to it. I’m gonna be rich (add maniacal laugh)