Syrian Rebel Arms Bazaar & DIY DShK Bolt Action Rifle

A reader sent in these photos allegedly taken of a Syrian arms bazaar in the rebel controlled city of Deir ez-Zor. The photos show a 12 year old boy, with a 1911 pistol in a shoulder holster that is to big for him, manning a stall selling loose 7.62x39mm ammunition, gun cleaning supplies, a RPG launcher  SA7 anti-air missile/launcher, a variety of machine guns and a Mosin bolt action rifle.





Another reader tipped us off to this video showing a rebel manufactured single shot 12.7x108mm anti-material rifle manufactured from a DShK heavy machine gun barrel (although an expert told me it could have been made out of a Chinese HMG barrel). The approach they took to making it is very similar to the DIY .50 BMG rifles made in the USA by gun enthusiasts also using surplus machine gun barrels.

Thanks to our readers who sent us these tips.

Steve Johnson

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  • Risky

    That’s not just some RPG launcher, I’m pretty sure its some kind of manpad. Looks like a Strela/SA7 that’s missing all or part of the stock that houses the batteries and computer.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Damn, beat me to it.

    • 11b

      Yeah SA-7 type manpad. Beat me to it as well!

    • Yea it’s an SA7

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Oh right, I thought it was an RPG-29. I will update the page.

    • bbmg

      Given some of the combat footage coming out of the country, you would need some sort of “man pad” to contain your bodily fluids at some point… certainly the cameraman here could have used one:

  • Yeah….

    Yep, that’s a MANPAD in the pic with the kid. Missing the grip stock and the battery though.

  • Tomasz Idczak

    this isn’t RPG launcher – it looks like anti-aircraft missile launcher – similar as i have seen in my town during military hardware demonstration – they call it GROM – may looks like something similar from Russia. During Georgia conflict Poland sold 80 sets to Georgian army. Russian took some of them from abandoned military depos. From 17 shut down Russian jets over Georgia 8 was done by polish GROM rocket.

  • Indy

    Actually, Strela 2M MANPAD

  • Bubba

    Is that an old WWII Beretta SMG on the table?

  • Definitely not an RPG. That is a MANPADS of some sort…a variation of the SA-7 but, considering how many variants of the original system are out there it would be almost impossible to determine which one unless you are up close with it.

  • Dibby

    I like the last vid of the 12.7×109. Filming the shooter instead of the target like you would in the U.S. – And the three “thank God’s” at the end when he didn’t actually explode himself.

    • Jim

      Actually, Allahu akbar means “God is great” while Al hamdulillah means “thanks to God”.

  • Mike F Di

    wonder what the headspace is to need to slam the bolt handle upon a loaded case..
    I see that as a MAYPOP..
    they shoot and shoot and well.. they MAY POP!!!!

    • dan citizen

      The problem is likely getting the extractor over the rim. This has plagued many of the similar DIY bolt action BMGs, the cartridge is going in essentially straight and the extractor has to be forced over the rim by the downstroke of the bolt handle vs it sliding up and in as when fed from a magazine. I thought after his first or second attempt the case seemed to be picked up by the bolt which would point more towards tight headspace. I guess it’s safe enough when you figure he probably has the life expectancy of a fruit fly anyway.

  • DShK Babushka

    Actually, I believe the child running the shop has what may be a Polish Wz.35 Radom, not a 1911. The hammer, muzzle, and girth of the grip just don’t look right for a 1911.

    • Indeed, it looks like Vis :O Strangely goldish, but shape is the same. I can’t see “FB ” letters on grip.

  • Lance

    Looks like a Somi 9mm SMG for sale near it. Too bad this is Al Qaeda’s arsenal.

  • Graham 1

    Looks like the man shooting the improvised rifle is cross-dominant

  • SD3

    For all the anarchist fan-boys out there, this is what actual WROL actually looks like. There’s no sitting around doing monster bong hits, pounding Cheetos & getting BJs. It’s a thirsty, hate-filled, blood-soaked place. nothing fun about it.

    • Jesse Ventura

      Why wouldn’t I want “anarchy” if it looks like they are buying and selling awesome full auto AK’s, RPK’s and a freakin manpads outside in the public which I as an American have no right to do (Though guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment)? By the way they are probably Muslims so they are going to be following their religious laws. Also using a war torn country with a Statist Regime fighting Saudi Arabian/ U.S. backed Al Qaeda militias as an example of what actual anarchy looks like is very unfair. AND a guy parked his Harley in front of the gun shop!

  • OldSchool45B

    That is indeed a HGM barrel. I have worked on several of them, I have no doubt that is what it is. I am pleasantly surprised that they remembered to weld up the gas port on the bottom of the barrel.

  • Ugly

    Looks lke the barrel to the type 89 HMG