Beretta/Sako TRG M10 Spotted In The Wild

Swedish website published photos of Swedish National Response Team (NI) snipers setting up on someones roof prior to Obama’s arrival in the country. This is the first time I have been the Sako TRG M10 in the wild. The NI snipers have a high-end Swedish-made Spuhr mount and a scope which I cannot identify (maybe S&B?).


For reasons unknown, Beretta, which owns Sako, continues to refuse to sell the TRG M10 to consumers.



Steve Johnson

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  • John Sjöström

    Can anyone spot which cal the rifle uses? =)

  • FourString

    Selling only to Law Enforcement? Is it bloody magical/pwn-stick-ly or something? o.o

    • mikee

      Looking “kool” is half the battle!

  • Lew

    Spuhr makes some high-end and classy stuff. His mod-kit for the G3-series is the stuff of infantry dreams.

  • Dibby

    It’s to thank us for allowing grabbers to be elected to office in MD.

  • Ripley

    They are set up on a second level rooftop at Arlanda international airport. As seen in slide 56 (also 55, 54) here
    The slides are in reverse chronological order.
    Slide 50 is the same(?) rifle at the roof of the Grand hotel Obama stayed at overnight.

    NI said in 2009 they would like to test out a Lapua system. Specifically for shooting through armored glass at banks during hostage situations.


    Steve, the reasons are simple, the Beretta/SAKO still thinks about the USSOCOM PSR program. This is the same situation as with the SCAR.

  • Lance

    Being next door to Finland where SAKO is has its advantages.

  • G

    “a scope which I cannot identify (maybe S&B?).”
    I don’t think that’s a S&B scope. The elevation turret looks like a head of a nail. No S&B scope, that I know of, has a elevation turret that looks like that. The scope also lacks a S&B style battery compartment for an illuminated reticle.

    I think it is safe to assume that the scope is made by Hensoldt since they are using a Hensoldt spotter.