Warfytr Equipment Rifle Mag Carrier

Warfytr Equipment posted a few sneak peak shots on their Facebook page of the new rifle mag carrier that they have in the works. There are a ton of magazine carriers on the market, what makes theirs so special? Well unlike most every magazine carrier on the market, their mag holders release the mag at the bottom of the carrier. This places the magazine in a position that increases reload speeds as you pull the mag out of the holder. It also features a patent pending self-locking retention system to keep the mags firmly in place until you’re ready to reload. The Warfytr mag carrier will come in two different models, one for aluminum mags and one for polymer mags. According to their website they’ll retail at $45. No word on when they’ll be officially released as of yet, however Warfytr Equipment posted on their Facebook page that they’re hoping to have them available by October. 

Ray I.

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  • dwr3684
  • 032125

    The name alone makes my eyes vomit blood.

    • allannon

      Was about to say pretty much just that.

      As well as the point below about lacking positive retention, the “draw” seems like it would be awkward, forcing you to shift the magazine in your hand to get it into the magwell. If the holster were further up I could see it working, but all the way at your waistline? My wrist doesn’t seem to bend enough to make it a clean draw.

    • Juice

      Spent a couple of minutes before finally going “Warfytr… WARFIGHTER! He, that’s.. well, kinda disappointing.”

  • cutamerc

    The Fastmag is 2/3rds the price and works with both polymer and aluminum mags…..


    • Jeff

      Yep. I’ve run ITW Fastmags on a chest carrier in this upside-down fashion, and it is indeed faster. But mounting them this way on a belt seems awkward. I’ve never managed to shake one loose, but I do worry a bit. So I fit three mags down and one mag up, that way I’ll still have at least one spare mag if I take too hard a fall and the others break free.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Color me skeptical. A carrier that holds a magazine at the top? It seems like it would be too easy to knock mags loose in the crawling and scramble of combat.

    • gunslinger

      yeah, without a “release” i don’t see how this will last. sure they could have positive retention via compression, but how long before it becomes warped and won’t hold?

  • Dano-O

    Wont work so hot when you’re shooting from the prone position. I’ll Pass.

  • Andrew

    Took me a minute to figure out if “warfyter” was a German word or an Ebonics word.

    • Jeremy Star

      Ditto. I just skimmed over it until some other poster pointed out it’s a “clever” way of spelling Warfighter.

  • Braddah Iz

    Looks like it holds from the hip, I would like to try this in prone, as for the tensioner, if it holds like they claim, it may be a faster load…

  • Ryan

    eah. I think it’s more for competition shooters, 3-gunners and the whole lot of those guys.

    • schizuki

      And warfytrs.

  • David

    I want to pull my rifle mags the same way as my pistol mags, from the top. I will pass

  • Jesse P Weaver

    Definitly Want to try this… Cant remember but didn’t somebody make one of these for pistol mags before?

  • Risky

    I don’t see how a down-then-up motion is faster than an up-and-turn motion. This product seems as gimmicky as the name implies.

  • Zius Patagus

    I just duct tape a stripped lower to my leg to use as mag carrier.:)

  • DanTSX

    That name! Makes me want to start a youtube channel just to make fun of it.

  • Paulj

    I bought two of these to take to Iraq, been using them for 6 months, outstanding product, the retention lock snaps the mag in and holds as advertised, and comes out lightning fast increasing my reload times far better than any other pouches or carriers I’ve tried or been issued, to including those I carried in 1st Ranger Bn for 10 years, wish I had these there !!! I plan on replacing all my other Mag carriers with these !! RLTW !!