New SureFire Shotgun Lights

surefire new

The new SureFire DSF series.

SureFire is now selling new shotgun forend weaponlights.  Like the older SureFire shotgun lights, the DSF unit replaces the entire forend of a shotgun and has built in controls in addition to a white light.

The new units feature flashlights that have a maximum output of 600 lumens and run up to three hours on two CR123A batteries.  SureFire does not offer any candela measurement for the peak beam intensity, but instead states:

The LED’s light is focused by a precision reflector to create a smooth, wide beam perfect for closer-range shotgun applications typical in law enforcement and home defense—with enough reach and surround light to properly identify threats and maintain situational awareness.

Older forend lights from SureFire, the 317 & 617 series, had 100 and 200 lumens output respectively.

surefire old

The old SureFire 317 series.

Switches on the forend are ambidextrous.  There are both momentary- and constant-on switches.

The new DSF-series lights will be made for the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590 series, Benelli M1/M2 and Winchester 1200 shotguns.  MSRP is listed as $375.  The 870 lights will ship by the end of the month.  No word on when the others will ship.

Richard Johnson

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  • Aaron E

    The previous versions have been very good, and the increase to 600 lumens will be very well received. I’m surprised there are not more options in this arena.

  • JT

    I have heard that they make good quality products, but it would be nice if they made a value level for ~$200 while maintaing the same level of quality. Something for a person who is using it indoors and doesn’t need the lumens reflecting back at them against white paint

    • JT

      Streamlight makes one for 240, but i’d rather have a surefire

    • Frank

      To be fair, the 375 is the MSRP, which nothing sells for. Expect this to street for around $275-300

  • CdnDave

    It would also be nice if they offered the head alone as an upgrade to owners of previous models. I’m not about to go out and drop another $375 to get the latest.

    • SD3

      Be-Jeebus. That’s about what I paid for my 870 in the 1st place.

  • Lou

    The Winchester Model 1200 has not been made since 1983. I think you got some wrong info. I believe you meant the 1300 or their new pump made in Turkey.

  • Michael

    Surefire products are great, but like Eotec and Aimpoint very expensive.
    Can someone make decent products for reasonable money.
    It appears we either have cheap Chinese crap or megaexpensive US products.
    I want something that will defend the homestead. I am not jumping out of a plane and climbing through caves.
    Please lets have mid level products

    • the_duck

      I use a Streamlight TLR-1s ($125) on the front of my shotgun. It’s mounted using a Laserlyte shotgun tri-rail mag tube mount ($25). I can hit the paddle to turn the 300 lumens light on, right before I rack the slide.

      Not as nice as the Surefire forend, but a cheaper alternative for me. Conversely, I’ve seen aftermarket picatinny rails you can add to your forend so you can mount lights to that as well.

      • leo

        or the inforce wml.

      • Big Daddy

        That’s the way I’m going with my 870 build.

    • Sandydog

      On the other hand, you ARE firing a gun that may have upwards of 58 ft-lbs of free recoil energy. A cheap light won’t stand that kind of pounding for long. You get what you pay for. If you want it to work once, buy a cheap one. If you want it to last, get a good one.

      • Joe Schmoe

        I don’t buy that with modern LED lights.

        You know what I ran on my gun in the army for a long time? A $0.25 button flashlight that they give out for free with Pizza. It gave me more than enough light to go room clearing without blinding myself, for everything else I had NV on the rifle. I was also able to carry a bunch of them on me in case something happened to one. And you know how many problems I had with them? Zero.–Blue–Red-Color–Key-Ring_34693834.jpg

        I previously ran an extremely bright FAB defense light, but I learned what worked and what didn’t; and giving your location away to the entire neighborhood just to check a room is a no-go in my opinion.

        Though I fully respect anyone else feeling that they need to run a mini-sun on their rifle.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    600 lumens is great. But I’ve already removed two of these forends. They are just too damn heavy! Hopefully SF addressed that.

    It was a nice forend for my m1S90, but at over 1lb it was not happening.

  • 032125

    I don’t need a lux cannon; I just need to know if that’s my daughter or a burglar.

  • james

    Yay! Another shotgun forend that still costs more than my norinco 870 clone… I agree with most people on here about the cost. I’m sure its an awesome light but why is no one making a decent forend light for under 200? Hell, most shotguns are pretty affordable why are the extras so damn much? To all the manufacturers listening: make a decent cheap light forend and you’ll make lots of money!

    • HSR47

      Hell, the MSRP is more than I paid for my genuine Remington 870 police magnum.

  • percynjpn

    Too expensive.

  • Big Daddy

    My Shotgun is for HD only, do I need this? NO….a cheaper lighter alternative would be better. I plan on working with it and taking it to the range but it will not get heavy use. It’s different for a pro, if I were a pro it would not be about money. Right now good 12 gauge ammo is $1 a round, how much range time is limited now. I would have been more impressed if they found a way to cut off $100 yet kept the quality.

  • Ed Lepczyk

    Most of the Walmarts in my area carry these and even there they are priced at over $300.