Blue Force Sling Sleeve

This new product from Blue Force Gear looks as useful as it is simple. The Blue Force Sling Sleeve is just an elastic tube that you can thread thought sling through. When putting your gun away in the safe, truck, under your bed etc. you can fold the sling into the tube. This prevents the rifle sling getting tangled with other guns or other objects. A very neat idea. The MSRP is $6.

The Sling Sleeve™ is a 5” long tube of military grade elastic that holds your sling neat and snag-free but remains ready for instant deployment. To use, thread your sling through the Sleeve and then mount the sling to your rifle. “Z fold” your sling taut and slip the Sling Sleeve over the bundle. To deploy, simply grab the sling and pull.

Steve Johnson

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  • dude

    Hey, Arsenal, this is what “game changing” means.

  • JT

    I don’t get it. When you don’t need the sling fully extended, you bring the loop to the fore. When you do need the sling extended you pull the loop back. This video demonstrated half of this on its own. This is about as game changing as…I really can’t think of another situation where a more complicated procedure is proscribed to fix a problem that did not exist in the first place.

  • WoodyTX66

    Having lived through a rifle-lanche while pulling something from the back of my safe, I’d say this is a pretty cool idea.

  • Cymond

    I TOTALLY get it. I lean my carbine in a corner, muzzle down. The 2-point sling is long enough that sometimes it gets wrapped around the muzzle, which makes it basically useless in a hurry. I’m forced to use a single-point sling adjusted short enough that it won’t slip around the muzzle.

  • Rick Randall

    Um, as someone else pointed out, totally redundant on a rapid adjustment sling.
    And if you’re running an older non-rapid adjust sling (like a GI “silent sling”), you have a choice. You can buy this $6 item, or you can use a pair of rubber bands that will do the SAME EXACT THING. Last time I actually paid for a rubber band, it was about $1 for a fairly large bag of them at the dollar store.

    Which is how I deal with the excess sling length on my Mossy 500. Two rubber bands.