H&K HK416A5 Photos

The folks at 762PR Defence PR Marketing sent us some photos of the H&K HK416A5. The A5 model was unveiled late last year and incorporates some of the features H&K developed for the H&K G28 DMR (which is itself based on the HK417).






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  • Sam

    I swear, if someone chimes in and says “because you suck and we hate you”, I’m gonna flip a table.

    • Yea and I will delete it!!!

    • Klavirni

      But you just said.. augh!

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    • Frosty_The_White_Man

      H&K: we like you, but we don’t like you like you.

      • Alex C.

        More like “H&K, we wish we could sell stuff to you but German export laws and US import laws won’t let us :(“

        • martin

          That woould be a lie

          • Anonymoose

            No, it’s only American customer service that really hates us. The rest of the company simply wants to build and sell cool stuff.

        • floppyscience

          Which is exactly why they aren’t making all those guns we want in their US plant, import/export laws are stopping them.

          Oh wait…

          • Alex C.

            They can’t make them in the US plant. The German government effectively owns all patents on firearms designed/produced in Germany. Hell, it took 7 years for Germany to get the neutered MR556 here to the USA. Look for my upcoming article on this!

          • floppyscience

            So were the P30 and HK45 not designed in Germany? Both of those are made in the US as well as Germany.

          • Alex C.

            Even the p30 and hk45 took a long time to get approved! However German export laws and US import laws are much more lax on pistols. However, it still hurts; the hk45ct was designed, made, and is built right here in the USA. I think you will enjoy my upcoming article about this stuff, I did a lot of research about this kind of crud!

      • Patriot

        more like, H&K: we like you, but we don’t like you like you like us.

  • Lance

    I say ;looks like a sweet carbine. Wish it wasn’t so expensive though.

  • Edgar Castelo

    I only shot the G3, when was it almost 20 years, now… Amma gettin ooooold! Cough, cough! LOL

  • Guest

    I only shot the G3, when was, it almost 20 years, now… Amma gettin ooooold! Cough, cough! LOL

  • Edgar Castelo

    I only shot the G3, when was it, almost 20 years, now… Amma gettin ooooold! Cough, cough! LOL

    • MNOR

      is that the new “HK cause’ u suck and we hate you” ?
      Someone explain this sh*t to me? 🙂

  • MNOR

    IMO, the most heart-warming changes they’ve made to the HK416 is:

    – New stock, the old standard HK-stock had a way to wide profiled butstock.
    – They got rid of those God-awful flip ut front-sights that was previously attached to the gasblock, and instead clamped it on the barrel.
    – Gasblock itself changed out; The old one was a bit finnicky.

    I love it when manufacturers actually listens to the end-users!

  • kivaari

    The guy in the funky camo has Polish flag on the shoulder O.o

    • Bartek

      It’s ATACS-AU and yes, the flag is Polish.

  • J_Kusanagi

    Back to traditional style AR slanted magwell (shorter in front than back)? Does this mean the HK416A5 can now take standard — erm, I mean original style — PMAGs now?

    • Nelson


  • Duke Nukem

    Yo dawg, I heard you like goggles, so we put goggles on your goggles so you can see what you can see! (Look closely at gas mask guy)

    • Matt

      The ones over his eyes are part of the gas mask

  • it looks like an AR……..

  • NOYB

    Its so gorgeous but I hat the stock replace that shit with a magpul or something god damn