Glock Discontinues “C” Models

Glock recently sent out an e-mail to their distributors that they will be discontinuing their “C” model line of compensated pistols. They also announced that they will also discontinue their Glock 20, 21, 29 and 30 Gen 3 line as well. Their announcement can be seen below as posted on If you’re in the market for a Glock “C” or any of the mentioned Gen 3 pistols better try and jump on one now.

Gen320/21, 29/30

ALL“C” Models will be discontinued

The SF models will remain in production.

We will have access to produce the above models as needed for Agency sales. They will NOT be available for IOP or Sub D sales.

If you have any on order currently and would like to cancel them please let us know. This will go into effect January 2014.

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  • gunsandrockets

    I have fired a Glock 23 versus a 23C, and there is an unmistakable and significant difference in recoil and control. It sold me.

    I am really surprised Glock is discontinuing the C models. That compensation truly tames .40 caliber recoil. So I have to wonder why they took this decision. Are people just not buying?

    • Clint Notestine

      probably competition from custom shops who can make any sort of compensator.

    • No they really aren’t. I think the main reason is when night firing the blast coming out the top blinds the user.

      • Lolinski


        And the fact you cant have a suppressor on a ported model.

        • Internet Browser

          Yes you can? Just buy a threaded barrel, which is the exact same thing you’d have to do if you wanted a suppressor on a non-ported Glock.

          • Vhyrus

            except the porting defeats the function of the suppresor

          • Internet Browser

            Your new threaded barrel won’t have porting.

            edit: maybe you made a decent trade or something. I wouldn’t just go out and buy a C model for a variety of reasons.

          • sianmink

            so that if you want to go loud, you can swap in the ported barrel and are GtG?

      • FourString

        A lot of Glock C owners seem to say that this is a misconception though? :/

        • Internet Browser

          It’s definitely a misconception if you choose the right load. For example, Speer Gold Dots are a bit blinding, while Golden Sabers are not at all blinding.


            My 23C is awesome, everyone that said I wouldn’t like it etc, is and are now trying pretty hard to get me to sell her.. Hmm… Wouldn’t trade it for the world..

      • 032125

        My only experience with a compensated postal was a ported CZ. The concussion off of that 9mm made my sinuses rattle, and the flash at dusk was HUGE.

    • floppyscience

      From talking to the guys at my local store it seems few people buy the C models because the Gen 4 is about the same price. The can get a factory compensator of questionable functionality, or an extra mag, more aggressive grip texture, replaceable backstraps, and a new recoil system. Most just pick a Gen 4.

    • phil

      what “really” tames recoil is proper grip and proper stance…there is no substitute for either of those

      • jackalo626

        Odds are you have multiple rifles with comps or brakes on them which makes your comment ironic.

        • phil

          actually it doesnt because non of my guns have comps or breaks on them unless you consider an A2 birdcage a compensator…

          i only have 1 rifle and thats my m4 carbine

      • gunsandrockets

        .40 caliber is overbore for a compact Glock, and I’m not the only person who seems to think so. There are a lot of people who look down on the .40 compared to the 9mm because of recoil.

        In my direct experience the uncompensated Glock 23 had a significant muzzle flip and a produced a noticeable sting to the web of the shooting hand. The compensated model did not suffer from either handicap.

        I suppose “proper grip and proper stance” tames .357 magnum from an airweight snubbie too? Physics is physics. Given a choice, I prefer to shoot without pain.

        • phil

          actually i look down on the 40S&W because it was one of the dumbest pistol cartridges to be developed in the past 50 or so years…instead of challenging bullet and ammo mfg’s to make better ammo the feebz (FBI) decided to “try” something new. in a nut shell

          if you cant kill it with 9mm or 45 you need a rifle or learn basic marksmanship skills…

          as for your comment on an air weight 357 magnum that was just downright silly and stupid :

          • gunsandrockets

            How completely predictable. Please, go on. As for me, I’m done.

    • Angel

      Several people got blinded by the C model. That’s why they took that garbage away.

      • Jase Silva

        who was blinded? Do you have any case study to support your claim?

  • floppyscience

    “They also announced that they will also discontinue their Glock 20, 21, 29 and 30 Gen 3 line as well.”

    Well shit. I’ve always wanted a 20, 21 and 29 but I don’t like the Gen 4 models. Guess I better get on that.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      It says the SF models will remain in production.

      Sounds like they are discontinuing the gen 3 standard grip (read: fat brick) models, the gen 3 SF models will continue.

      • JT

        I never thought I would own a Glock because of that brick-derived ergonomics. Now I own 2 Gen 4’s : A G22 with no backstrap and a G26 with the largest backstrap. They’re like completely different guns

  • Lance

    Good that means now than we can keep our hearing protection from being blown off and we can still hear. LOL joke.

  • FourString

    Nuuuuuu the C line was the only type of Glock that would interest me. I thought that the C lineup is better compensated than the aftermarket options?

    I was really hoping for a Gen 4 C range, but nuuuuuuuuuuu T-T

  • Asdf

    I wonder if 10mm and 45ACP has all that large of a following for Glock. I am surprised that the 357Sig isn’t on the list as well.

    • Anonymoose

      You’d be surprised. The G20 is the most common 10mm right now afaik.

  • Mystick

    Fortunately, porting isn’t an incredibly difficult modification to complete for those inclined to have it installed.

  • Ben 10

    uh-oh, i hope they never discontinue the other gen 3 models, especially the 9mms, i hate the new gen 4 glocks, ergonomics is overrated, my steyr has better ergs than the glock, but once you are used to holding and drawing manipulating and reholstering the glock, those superior ergs make little difference. you don’t even notice anymore. if the gen 3’s get discontinued, i will stop buying glocks.

  • smartacus

    I’m unaffected by this because I got Lone Wolf ported barrels for my 30, 33, 39; and the 20 will eventually have a total of four ported barrels for four different calibers (would be five, but my 50GI upper will remain unported).

    Let’s not jump to any conclusions about Glock magically discovering night blinding only now in 2013.
    For all we know; the decision has everything to do with Gaston’s divorce.

  • Eric Johnson

    They are still making them, at least the 19, 17, 22 and 23 models. Cabelas has a fresh batch of them in stock. Manufactured in July 2014.