Winchester Super X Pump Black Shadow Deer Shotgun

Winchester Super-X pump

Winchester Repeating Arms has a new rifled shotgun for deer hunters: the Super X Pump Black Shadow Deer.

The new shotgun has a 22″ rifled barrel for slugs and a 3″ chamber.  The stock and forearm are synthetic, and the receiver is drilled and tapped for optics.  A fiber optic front sight from TRUGLO and an adjustable rear sight is standard.

The shotgun weighs in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and is 43″ in overall length.

MSRP is $519.99.

From Winchester Repeating Arms:

Winchester Super X Pump Black Shadow Deer

Deer hunters can now take to the woods with the new Winchester® Super X® Pump Black Shadow® Deer. New to the SXP line, the Black Shadow Deer features a 22” rifled barrel and 3” chamber.

The Black Shadow Deer model includes a black synthetic stock and forearm. The receiver is drilled and tapped for optional mounts that allow you to easily install an electronic or optical sight. The rotary bolt features four massive lugs that provide a solid lockup to the barrel. The bolt and other components have black chrome protection that lasts longer than traditional bluing.

The Speed-Plug system allows the plug to be easily removed without tools. A drop out trigger group allows for easy cleaning. A TRUGLO® fiber-optic front sight and adjustable rear sight are also featured.  Suggested Retail, $519.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • S O

    “rifled shotgun”

    Explain, please.
    It looks like a rifle in a shotgun calibre to me.

    • Murdock

      The barrel is rifled

    • Paul Epstein

      Legally, it’s a shotgun. And you could in fact shoot shot in it, although there would be very little point as the centripetal force from the rifling would cause the pellets to fling out all over the place.

      • snmp

        . In manies Gun laws a Rifle is long firearm with rifled barrel. In plus some countries have ban Pump shotgun for civilian, but you could have a Pump Rifle.

      • RoCr

        Also, most shotguns can have their barrels changed out in less than a minute.

        The only difference between this shotgun and a regular Winchester shotgun is what barrel it comes with.

        • Nietzky

          Also, rifled shotgun takes sabots. These days sabots are engineered to be very accurate at distances up to 150 yards. Many states, ex NJ. do not have lots of acreage to hunt on. Sabots drop very quickly after 150 yards. The idea was to make a very accurate weapon that has a power to take deer, black bear, even brown bear and at the same time prevent the projectile to travel a “true rifle” distances. I would say the travelling distance of the projectile is what influenced states to choose this weapon over a traditional rifle. Winchester is recognizing the need for it and even started designing special sabots for its new Black Shadow Deer shotgun. See it here:

  • gunslinger

    so what’s the legal difference between a shotgun with a rifled barrel and a regular rifle? is it just the cartridge size?

    • Geo

      In the U.S. there is no legal difference. The rifled barrel and sabot round combo is more accurate then a regular smooth bore shotgun with a rifled slug.

      • gunslinger

        thanks. for some reason i thought there was a difference.
        i guess from the difference between a Short barreld shotgun with only a pistol grip (no stock) is actually an AOW, where as a rifled short barreld no stock gun is a pistol

        confusing gun laws are confusing.

        • overloadinco

          No, there is a difference, legally, because you can’t sell a pistol or rifle with a barrel larger than .50 cal. 12 gauge is .729 cal.
          I thought the difference WAS rifling vs smooth barrel, which is why the Taurus Judge is a pistol and not a short barreled shotgun (it has a rifled barrel)

          Of course, I thought you used buckshot on bucks.

          • RoCr

            The deal is that every firearm with a bore larger than .50 caliber is a Destructive Device, EXCEPT those deemed by the ATF to have sporting purposes. So, as 12 gauge and .600 Nitro Express and similar are used for hunting, they get an automatic exception. Something like a 20mm Lahti, not so much.

      • snmp

        shotgun with rifled barrel could use brenneke 12 gauge with nice accurancy for hunting the Wild boar or break a car motor (if your are policeman).

        In plus, in some countries like France, Australia … you could not buy Pump shotgun (with simple hunting licence), but you could buy Pump Rifle. In manies Gun laws a Rifle is long firearm with rifled barrel.

    • Brownitsdown

      Ur an idiot

  • S O

    all agree: A “shotgun” is either a smoothbore gun or a Football formation.
    A long weapon with a rifled barrel is either a rifle or a carbine of sorts. The only exceptions are the multi-calibre weapons (a varmint rifle paired with a shotgun, for example).

  • ekimp252

    I guess that I’m lucky to live in a state that let’s me deer hunt with what ever I want. Rifle for stand hunting, shotgun with buck shot for running hounds. Get a bow season and a black powder season. I’ve even killed a deer with my Super Blackhawk.

  • Anders Albertsson

    Is this for hunting the elusive black shadow dear?

  • Jim22

    A thought: Because the barrel is rifled could it be 16″ long and be legal?