Shooting Guns With Google Glass

For the non-techies amongst us, Google Glass is wearable computer worn like a pair of glasses. It can project images onto the tiny transparent screen that sits in front of your eye and giving you a heads up display of the world around you. The Google Glass can run applications and connects to the internet via. any standard Android smartphone.

Tracking Point just posted an intriguing photo on the Tumblr blog hinting that they are developing a Google Glass application that would allow you to aim their rifle simply by looking at the target. Google Glass also supports voice commands, but I don’t foresee Tracking Point allowing a rifle to be fired by voice … that could only lead to disaster.

Steve Johnson

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  • joe tusgadaro


  • Matrix_3692

    A fire-control software that’s linked to the weapon and your own “Heads-Up-Display”, well i like it! and sound very useful in a close combat situation. And when’s this going to be integrate into an infantry’s helmet?

  • Griff

    The future is now…

    • Gol

      But, now what’s in the future?

  • Callum King-Underwood

    Actually this is one of the situations where I see Google Glass being useful. Not so much for firing but you could certainly have wind directions, speed and air temperature displayed on a little HUD when shooting. Plus I think it has a magnetometer on board so it can actually detect the compass direction your head is facing, the sensors arent entirely accurate when tilted (some are, not sure if the google glass one has tilt compensation or not) but might be kinda cool to have a nice little compass direction displayed in your HUD for a quick navigational aid.

  • Mark Ravn

    Is it possible to attach a device on the firearm that senses direction in comparison to the glasses (much like WII or Kinect technology in gaming devices) that is either zeroed at a certain distance or has the ballistics and a range finder to trajectorize at least a rough point of fire at any given place you aim your rifle? Firing from the hip has never been easier.

    • Joe Schmoe

      What’s the point? You are not going hit anything at range that way anyway, and at close range you don’t need that.

      • Mark Ravn

        Not having to pop my head up above cover further than to see where my rifle’s aiming comes to mind. My helmet poses the largest target with normal sights, because my head is on top of my rifle.

        • Joe Schmoe

          And with the examples I showed below, you have a screen over one eye that shows you the view from your gun itself (including zoom).

      • Maxcoseti

        The main point IMO is that you just have what is basically a red dot with unlimited field of view.
        The camera attached to the optic is a great idea, but they are not used not only because they are expensive, some of them are heavy as hell, with this system there is no more added weight besides the google glass, which the shooter/soldier would be carrying anyway, it is a simpler system also, so less parts that could possibly fail.
        Best of all, both systems can work not only without interference with one another, but in conjunction, f.e with the reticle for close quarters and the camera for long range

    • Robert Thorne

      There is something like this, I couldn’t find a google source, but at my last unit they have a hud that hooked on to eye pro, then connected into a PAS-13, lets you see where the sight is looking as isn’t as god awful as the links posted below. It isn’t used or issued because its expensive and most people don’t know we have it. So they sit unissued in the armory. They work well and can flip up if you don’t need it. Anyone whose been a M240 gunner knows getting a sight picture can be a pain on uneven terrain in the prone.

  • Avery

    I’ve been saying that Tracking Point married to a eye tracking system would be a powerful aid and app to shooters. Just didn’t think smartguns would come from Google Glass.