Record Breaking Sniper Fired For Urinating On Fellow Police Officer

the actual weapon Corporal Rob Furlong of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) used to kill an enemy combatant from 2,430 meters.

The actual weapon Corporal Rob Furlong of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) used to kill an enemy combatant from 2,430 meters.

In 2002 Rob Furlong broke the record for the longest confirmed kill. He shot a Taliban fighter at a range of range of 1.5 miles using a MacMillan Tac-50 rifle with a Leupold Mark 4-16x40mm LR/T M1 scope. After he left Canadian Army he joined the Edmonton Police Service. He has just been fired from police after a review board upheld the decision to dismiss him due to misconduct during a training course in 2011 where he got drunk and urinated on a colleague.

Rob Furlong, a decorated Afghan war hero, had been out drinking with colleagues at a course near Edmonton in September 2011. The group returned to their accommodations to sleep, but Furlong kept drinking and later woke up his colleagues.

According to evidence from several officers, Furlong urinated on one of his colleagues, pushed him, yelled insults then forced him to stay in his room.

Furlong was charged with discreditable conduct and dismissed at an Edmonton Police Service hearing. The presiding officer, Supt. Mark Logar, called Furlong’s behaviour “dehumanizing and degrading to another human being.”

While his notoriety is sure to hurt his chances of getting a job in Canada, I don’t think he will struggle to find a job in the Middle East or Africa as a sniper instructor.
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  • joe tusgadaro

    I think he got canned for a wee bit more then just pissing on someone, the insults, pushing and locking someone in a room.

    Appreciate his service but that does not give him a lifetime free asshole pass.

  • steveday72

    He could always join “The Craft” and possibly be assigned to kill demonstrators – such as the leaked proposal for Craft snipers to assasinate Occupy Movement organizers.

    • sauerquint

      Yes, because nothing says ‘honor’ quite like killing unarmed civilian protestors.

  • Nick

    Making that shot ruined this guys life…….

    • Colin

      Maybe being beaten by CoH Craig Harrison 7 yrs later is starting to get to him…
      Bit of rehab needed?

      • Nick

        I think its got far more to do with the way the Canadian Military treated him after the shot, and possibly some poor choices he made before it.

  • Sir Loin

    Well you know he hit his mark with the urine, he’s a top sniper after all.

  • John Bear Ross

    The amazing thing is, he hit him from across the room. 😉


    • Aaron

      One shot, one kill.

  • Lance

    Well War hero or not as a Officer you dont pee on other men and get drunk in public.

  • jamezb

    Hell, I’m sure he could make a great deal more money here in the U.S. as an instructor and lecturer than he ever could as a Edmunton cop. I think this situation was likely mishandled, and blown out of proportion, and I doubt both sides of the argument are fairly represented. Quite possibly the “wet” officer was being a huge ass himself. Distasteful and insulting it may be but the bottom line is.pee washes off. Now the entire squad is labeled as a bunch of surly,passed out drunks.

  • Clint Notestine

    so it took 2 years for them to finally figure this out?

  • fred

    mmm yeah..
    He is a killer.. so what do you expect?
    Humanity? Ethical behavior? Consideration for others?
    This is news?
    Get a clue.

    • Nelson

      Most professional soldiers have all these traits. Killing is part of the job, the guy wasn’t a murderer. he was a soldier. Concluding that everyone that has killed in combat has no values or isn’t a decent person is pretty far off base.

    • Ghost930

      Hey fred, let me answer you for Rob. Bite Me. He was a professional military sniper doing his job at the behest of his country. If you don’t understand the difference, maybe you need to find another blog to comment on Motard.

    • Kivaari

      Fred, Good men can be snipers, and have all the better traits of modern man. I was lucky I never had to kill anyone in a face to face encounter. I worked with several men that did need to kill. It never revealed they were bad characters, just good men doing the job.

  • mechamaster

    the morality message is.. “Don’t Drunk in the Work”

  • smartacus

    yu not wanna get into challenge pissing wit dat guy!

  • Ghost930

    Not excusing the behavior, but having been to more than a few police training courses, hey stuff happens at these things. Plus, I am sure Rob has had some issues since his service. Anyone doubts this, go google how his own government treated his entire team after their return from A’stan. Pretty sad for a country to treat it’s soldiers this way after asking them to do the deed. Here’s hoping he gets his shit all in one sock for the future. It ain’t never easy.

  • copenhagen

    Gotta wonder how many yards away he was when he pulled off this confirmed pissing.

  • Oaf

    Rumor has it that he peed on him from 25 feet away.

  • AKmarksman

    “Next challenge on Top Shotz…”