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  • floppyscience

    Damn, I was always interested in these but never picked one up.

    Does anyone know how these compared to the other Seecamp clone, the NAA Guardian?

  • CJS3

    They probably wouldn’t have discontinued them, if anyone had actually bought them.

  • Steven White

    The 32 might have been worth keeping in production if they had a better advertising dept.

  • Vaughan

    I never saw one in a gun shop, or at a gun show. I wanted to buy the .380 “improved model”. It is hard to buy one when you never see one except online.

  • smartacus

    i had one and it wuz a piece of garbaggio.
    Trigger bar kept slipping into Neutral requiring disassembly. Customer Service never ever ever (i’m missing a few evers) got back to me.

    But still not as bad as the Diamondback Firearms 380 i bought. That one I personally drove back to the factory twice to correct stovepiping plus a catastrophic loss of firing pin and backplate. They tried blaming it on my cheapo crappy Hornaday Critical Defense trash and told me to only use good stuff. For a while I was believing them too, it’s my fault, I’m in the wrong, it’s my fault.
    Like many many others; i would get it back a couple of weeks later after they thoroughly and meticulously performed zilch on it 🙁

  • wizard01

    Evidently their service has been discontinued as well. No one answers phone or returns calls/emails for parts. Caveat emptor.