Champion Ballistic Glasses

champion eye protection

Champion introduced three new styles of shooting glasses in the recently launched line of military-grade protective eyewear.

There are two standards for measuring the level of protection that eyewear delivers: the commercial ANSI Z87.1+ standard and the military MIL-PRF-31013 standard.  Most commercial shooting glasses meet only the ANSI standard, which will protect against debris moving at 150 fps.

champion eye protection

The military standard is a requirement that the eyewear stop shrapnel moving at 650 fps.  Eye protection meeting the higher standard offers a higher degree of safety, but also tends to be more expensive.

Champion’s new eyewear meets the military standard, but keeps prices affordable:  $9.95 – 20.95 (MSRP) depending on model.

Richard Johnson

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  • Sid

    I have vision in my left eye because I was wearing my Oakley ballistic eyewear when I was driving home from work. I had rotated back from Iraq about 3 months earlier and was just using my ballistic eyewear as daily use sunglasses. A young man was driving disturbed at 100mph when he ran a redlight. Both of our vehicles ignited. The left side of my head and face are grafted. The first thing I remember waking up 9 days later is a surgical opthamologist shining a light in my left eye. She said she was curious why I had vision in it. My wrap-around ballistic eyewear had protected my eyes from the blastwave. I refuse to consider any protective eyewear that does not offer wrap-around protection.

  • Buzz

    The website only states that they are “OSHA compliant—maximum Z87.1 safety rated”, but without referencing the MIL standard. However it also states “Ballistic rated provides four times the protection of standard shooting glasses”.
    Do you think this means they are capable of the MIL standard requirements, but just not officially rated that way?

  • DrewN

    You can often find top quality safety glasses like the Smith Aegis in various “outlet” style stores. I picked up 4 pair earlier this year when I stumbled across them at under $50 a pair. Being both hideous and pricey means they aren’t big overall sellers I’m guessing.