AK-74 Conversion Allows Switching To Bullpup And Back

A Russian gun designer has developed an ingenious conversion kit for the AKS-74U or AK-74M that allows it to be switched from a conventional layout to a bullpup configuration on demand. You could call it a “Semi-Bullpup” configuration. When the stock is unfolded it works just like a regular rifle (see below), but when the stock is folded a trigger forward of the magazine can be used to fire the rifle.

Stock unfolded.

Stock unfolded.

This conversion is not just two trigger on the same rifle. When the stock is folded it disconnects the rear trigger and the front trigger is connected to the firing mechanism. The trigger blade is then lowered into position. When the stock is unfolded the reverse happens.




The system also includes dual iron sights, one fixed set for use when the stock is unfolded and a flip-up set for when used in the bullpup configuration.

The patent for this invention can be viewed here (in Russian)

Many thanks to Max Popenker for the information and photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • Paul Epstein

    Might be useful on the American commercial market, but seems utterly doomed in terms of military service. No one wants to have two manuals of arms and muscle memory training regimes for the same gun.

    • Nadnerbus

      I dunno, might be kind of useful for line troops that are clearing a structure. Same old AK reliability with the capacity to shrink down for close spaces.Though it doesn’t look particularly practical or comfortable from the pictures.

      • Paul Epstein

        But why not just issue actual bullpup AKs, of which there are a number to choose from, if you think they’ll need that capability? Clearing a structure is the absolute last place you’d want people fumbling with their guns because they’re used to having the magazine and grips in a different place.

      • Callum King-Underwood

        I would rather take a regular bullpup.

  • Matrix_3692

    wasn’t the magazine-grip design proved rather un-ergonomic?

    • gunslinger

      that’s what i was thinking. at least for the trigger hand. i mean, pistol grips are angled toward the shooter, the mag is angled away from the shooter.

      many have used the mag as a “forward grip” but i think that’s a bit different than a “pistol” grip

      • Alexandru Eustratios

        ” away from the shooter” grip is a standart issue on romanian AKs,it must be a reason for that

    • Cymond

      Well, bullpups don’t have the best ergonomics to begin with. I think it would only be used in “bullpup mode” when the length is absolutely needed, like going in to a building or riding in a car.

      Heck, that sounds pretty good for mounted infantry. It would be just like any other folding rifle, except that it could be shouldered while fired.

      • Matrix_3692

        wasn’t a bullpup rifle’s center of gravity suppose to be better for ergonomics than a standard rifle?

        • Cymond

          Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I’ve read about some retrofitted bullpups that were so heavy in the rear that the shooter had to fight to keep the rear up (and the muzzle down).

          There are many who heavily criticize a bullpup’s ergonomics, especially the reload process and trigger pull. I haven’t seen jdun1911 post here in a while, but he was one of TFB’s biggest bullpup critics.

          My point was that the rifle would only be used in ‘bullpup mode’ on occasion, and only when necessary. The ergonomics may not be perfect, but it would have it’s uses.

  • Ray

    Shifting from Bullpup and back, hmmm… shall we call it a BULL-SHIFT rifle? lol

  • Joe Schmoe
  • mechamaster

    Lovechild of AK74 with OTs-14 Groza.

  • Lance

    Dont care for it sights are VERY high and the mag release is way too awkward be easier to maneuver a already short AK-74M.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    Got to give credit where credit is due: this is pretty creative. Not sure there’s a practical application but hats off to him for being creative.

  • Zius Patagus

    What the heck is that guy doing in the last photo???

    • Demonstrating a stance to launch a grenade. See the sights raised?

      • Bill

        I believe you are wrong. In the first picture, in “bull-pup” mode, those sights are up. I think those sights exist, because in “bull-pup” mode you cannot get a cheek-weld with the original sights and in normal mode you cannot get a cheek-weld on the “bull-pup” sights. I think he is demonstrating you can fire in from the left side because the bolt does not appear to hit the users face.

  • Brandon

    How can I convert my rifle into a bullpup and then back again?

    Asked no one ever.

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      You didn’t see there are 2 triggers and stock is foldable?( look at 2nd picture.)
      Just fold the stock( to left) and use another trigger in front of magazine.
      I like this simple ‘2-positon-trigger’ mechanism.

  • whodywei

    I would love to see him doing mag change in the bullpup mode.

  • JLR84

    Just don’t try to shoot from the left-shoulder with the AK in the bull-pup configuration. The reciprocating charging handle will take a bite out of your cheek.

    I saw exactly that happen once. A big group-shoot type event with lots of people meeting up and trying each others guns, and someone brought along a bullpup AK which naturally everyone wanted to take a turn at. It got passed around to a left-handed shooter, and no one thought about the consequences of that until it was too late.

    • CowardlyHero

      If you look at the third picture you can see him using his left hand and there is that block to keep you from going to far forward. Doesn’t look very comfortable but better then getting the charging handle to the jaw.

  • crkt308@gmail.com

    this is actually genius for anyone who might fight in and out of a vehicle. a full size rifle is to big when your inside so the bullpup configuration will be used for easier handling. when you hop out the vehicle flip your stock over and boom standard ak ergos. i dont feel like arguing the tactics of “mounted fighting” but this will definitely make it easier. the other good option, a standard folding stock means you need to push the ak way out the window of the vehicle and i dont think free handing a folded ak will be anywhere near as stable as this platform, not saying that true stability is possible from any moving vehicle. this isnt perfect but its a step in the right direction

    • BryanS

      And a much better option than that folding stock (you shoot your forehead out) for the AR thats out there.

  • tomaso

    Theem Kahrazee Roshians!

  • Mystick

    This is really cool and all… and an amazing mechanical engineering feat…

    …but WHY?

  • theo

    This has a major obstacle in that the stock folds to the left and the gun ejects out the right. Thus, it is impossible to get a decent cheek weld in the bullpup configuration. If it was aright hadn folding stock.then we could debate its merits. As it is it isn;t even usable really.

    • Callum King-Underwood

      Right folding stock with a reinforced cutout brass deflector (possibly downwards even) might have been a better solution.

  • Nicholas Mew

    Bullpup PKP

  • Callum King-Underwood

    I see no benefit to this platform. If you require a bullpup rifle, take a bullpup rifle. You can still stand up and shoot it outdoors no problem. Why complicate things both mechanically and training wise by having a bullpup which also has a rear trigger and removable stock/grips. Means you have to train each soldier twice in usage of the weapon, you have the additional mechanical constraints of 2 triggers (even if they are partially linked, there is still extra hardware) and of course field servicing is going to have additional complications.

    Kudos to the guy for making the thing. No doubt it was a clever idea. But I see no utility for the idea. This thing almost looks a bit bulky as a full size rifle, yet is going to be overweight for a bullpup and also has bulk of a folded stock.

    If the stock was completely detachable and could be used as a container for something (I dunno what, but something bigger than a little cleaning kit at least) it could have been a bit better. Or I wonder could a telescopic stock work better.

  • Michael

    Brilliant idea.
    Go and hold your AR with the stock collapsed, then instead of holding the pistol grip, hold the magazine, It feels a good position to me.
    Lets make it for the AR15 as an add on

  • JT

    it’s clarence from Robocop!