FAB Defense Glock TacticSkin Slide Covers

Israeli firearm accessory maker FAB Defense just debuted their new TacticSkin slide covers for the Glock 17 and 19 pistols. According to FAB it give you the “ability to customize your Glock slide visibility while allowing enhanced tactical performance and versatility”. It’s made out of a non-slip polymer composite and includes larger slide serrations on both the front and back of the slide cover. They come in black, green, tan, red and yellow and according to FAB they’ll fit fine in a Glock 21 holster. I’m not a fan of adding unnecessary bulk or weight to my firearms, but I can see the benefit of increased grip while racking the slide with the TacticSkin. What are your thoughts? Check them out at Fab-Defense.com.

Ray I.

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  • sianmink


    So ugly why would you do that.

    • Robert Thorne

      furries on TFB, wow. lol

      • sianmink

        Been here for years dude.

        • Robert Thorne

          First time I’ve seen y’all, I’m not hating, nice to see we have something in common.

      • Aurek Besh

        Many of us like firearms too!

  • El Duderino

    Israeli operator enhanced tactical performance high-speed low-drag composite serrations yadda yadda yadda. Do people still fall for this mall ninja junk?

  • Andrew

    You just went full FAB Defense.

    Never go full FAB Defense, man.

    • FourString

      I seriously thought that this was another .22LR Glock knockoff at first……

      • Kyle

        Glock… Knockoff

        • FourString

          That sounds a leetle dirty

  • Luke

    So much derp.

  • Jaredn

    The answer to a question I’ve never asked.

  • Ryan

    You couldn’t pay me to put that on my Glock.

  • Fred Johnson

    I used to think things that were firearms related made or designed in Israel were well thought out and made with a real fighting oriented purpose in mind. This Tacticskin sure isn’t one of those things.

    • erwos

      Remember that your average Israeli citizen can’t buy a rifle. Thus, they trick out their Glock instead. And just like Americans, sometimes, they get stupid about it.

  • TangledThorns

    Is the Glock 19 that difficult to rack that you need something like this? Maybe its more useful in more humid or tropical climates?

  • DaveP.

    Um…doesn’t this kinda reduce visibility of the front sight? It should still get the same sight pic, but you’ve got this little nub sticking up in front of your eye instead of a nice big blade. It’s also screw up how most of my holsters fit.

  • RickH

    “Made to keep your Glock from fitting into any holster!”

  • Will

    I’m guessing FAB stands for FABULOUS!

  • Vhyrus

    I swear to god almighty if I see another gun company misuse the word ‘tactical’ I am going to punch a baby panda right in the balls.

    • avconsumer2

      I will not have time to round up the baby panda’s before this happens. I’m sorry in advance baby panda’s. I’m sorry.

    • And I’ll be in line right behind you! I’m getting to the point I don’t even want to hear the word.

      • DaveP.

        Unless there’s a “strategic” alternative, don’t talk to me about “tactical”.

  • Will

    Also, they shamelessly stole the name I was going to use for a line of tactical condoms.

    • Nadnerbus

      High speed, low drag, with enhanced reservoir tip for stealthy mission profile.

      As I read that back, it sounds more like a date rape tool, so maybe not.

  • avconsumer2

    Yo dawg… I heard you like… slides?

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Why not just make a replacement slide with more aggressive checkering/lines/tacti-grooves/whatever?

    • Cymond

      Cost, obviously.
      You can get custom slides from companies like Lone Wolf Dist or GlockStore, but they cost at least $200 for a basic slide plus extra costs for custom cuts & colors.

  • BryanS

    Rubber glockie bumpers… just doesn’t have the same ring.

  • Colby

    All my nopes inbound.

  • nick

    This looks like a great thing to 3d print

  • Billy b

    How utterly stupid. Did I mention how stupid this thing is…..

  • Ian

    I think I would break my H and A keys if I typed my initial response.

  • wetcorps

    Does “tactical” even mean something anymore?

    • No or at best it’s so convoluted nobody knows what it means anymore.

    • Risky

      Yes, it does.

      tac·ti·cal (taktikəl) – Denoting items usually of polymer or aluminum construction that can be attached to a rifle, handgun, or shotgun adding unnecessary weight and/or bulk to that weapon. Sometimes used in a decorative role but often used to make the shooter falsely perceive an increase in performance in order to make up for a lack of skill or training. These items may be found in color schemes of Coyote Brown, Multicam, or Foliage Green. Sometimes found in black, though, this is uncommon.

  • That Guy

    Seriously? I hope you have raised sights, because target aquisistion is going to suck. I wouldn’t put this crap on an airsoft gun.

  • Aaron E

    I’m scratching my head on this one. I get wanting a different color, but …
    Maybe the added texture really makes slide manipulation easy in wet conditions.

    On a side note – anyone check out that serial #? AAAF999. Not absolutely sure, but I don’t think that’s a standard Gen III production model. Glock has made special runs with specific serial numbers before, wondering if this is one, and who it belongs to.

  • Nelson

    Grip tape..

  • Brandon

    “Just what your Glock needs: More Plastic!”

  • Nicks87

    One of the reasons I like glocks so much is because of the smoothness of the slide, it’s great for a CCW, less to snag on clothing and such. This is just totally backwards thinking IMO.

  • Zius Patagus

    Another useless gun accessory that I wish I’d thought of. I predict these will go viral with the range commandos.

  • Icchan

    …I can’t help but look at how thick that is on top and have to ask a question.

    How the hell do you pick out the stubby front sight in all that? It looks like they just cut the visual size of the proper sight picture in half.

    I also can’t wait for the first youtube video of the thing popping right the hell off in a range session. I will admit the serrations are nice, and the extra gripping surface is going to be helpful when it’s nasty humid outside or if you have weak hands (anyone ever sprain a wrist?) but I really don’t see the utility. Honestly, I think this thing is about as tactical as Ron Jeremy in a catsuit with a Mosin Nagant.

    • Jim Nanban

      … talk about “shock and awww-man!”

  • Kai

    Seems like tactical Idiocy to me…

  • Graham 1

    This is so stupid I blacked out for 15 minutes

  • slicemaster19

    Isn’t that what everyone is trying to do, make a Glock even bigger and more of an unwieldy square block than it already is? Shouldn’t someone be figuring out how to make it LESS like a massive monolith?

  • Ridiculous

    So they came up with a product that eliminates/hides 1/2 of your front sight…BRILLIANT. No one ever went broke underestimating the public’s intelligence!

  • floppyscience

    This is one of the most ridiculous “serious” gun accessories I’ve ever seen.

  • 1 With A Bullet

    What? No glow-in-the-dark ‘Zombie Green’ version?!

  • Josh

    Add some rails to it and maybe . . .

  • Tuulos

    It seems they forgot to mention the biggest bonus this brings to the table; protecting your slide from scratches & dings and preventing the slide to scratch things. Might be worth it for a beater gun.

  • Never Again!

    Gayer than a handbag full of unicorns.

  • thebronze

    Stupidest thing EVER!!