Review: The LaserLyte Product Line

With ammunition still in short supply in many stores throughout the United States, shooters may be looking for alternative solutions to keep their skills sharp. If you are one of those shooters, let’s take a look at LaserLyte, a laser and laser target company which sells a variety of laser training products.

What initially caught my attention was finding out that LaserLyte was awarded a 2012 NRA Bullseye Award for their LTS target. That and the fact I was looking at ways to train in the convenience of my own home.

First though, here’s part of LaserLyte’s product line. They have laser cartridges for .380ACP, 9mm, .40cal, and .45ACP. Once the laser cartridge is inserted into the chamber, the sound from each pull of the trigger activates the laser. This is a fantastic option which allows you to use your own pistol in training.

Another option is the LTS Universal Pistol Trainer bore laser which has a universal flange that can be made smaller or larger by tightening or loosening a screw. As the name implies, this laser goes into your pistol’s bore. This model is also designed to be used with your pistol of choice in any of the following calibers: 9mm, 40S&W, .45ACP, .38SP, .380 Auto, .357SIG, 10mm and .45LC.

The bore laser simply goes into the chamber of your pistol.

The laser cartridge simply goes into the chamber of your pistol.

Picture of

The LTS Universal Pistol Trainer bore laser extends less than .25 inches from the barrel. Picture from the LaserLyte website.  


For perspective, the LTS Universal Pistol Trainer bore laser is above in red. Below it is the LTS laser cartridge in 9mm.

Lastly, the LTS Trigger Tyme Pistol is a blue gun which is an inert plastic training gun which has an automatic resetting trigger. While this is convenient, allowing the user to keep squeezing the trigger without having to manually rack the slide, unless you normally shoot a Glock 23, the blue gun is going to feel different than your regular pistol. However, with many laser training systems, the idea is that any kind of dry fire practice will help build and refine your motor skills. Whether you want to train on your exact gun, or a plastic trainer gun is really a personal preference.



As for targets, LaserLyte offers the LTS and LTS Reaction Tyme which function differently. The LTS has a five inch target with a “Display” and “Reset” targets. To use the LTS, turn on the power switch and then you must shoot the “Reset” button. The user can then engage the main target at will. To display the hits, the user must shoot the “Display” circle to activate the LEDs. The user must the shoot the “Reset” button again before re-engaging.


LaserLyte’s LTS target system, showing four LED “hits.”


My one suggestion is that LaserLyte should release a model with smaller LEDs for finer precision. A Marketing Manager for LaserLyte noted that the current design allows them to use fewer LEDs to keep costs down and pass those savings on to the customer, but “there are always new advancements in laser training on the horizon.

The LTS Reaction Tyme are some smaller, 2.5” fun targets which increase the challenge. The targets have two settings, one which will simply light the target up when shot, and the second setting is a delayed timer function. The LTS Reaction Tyme will randomly flash every 3-7 seconds and stay lit for about the same amount of time. You can only engage the target while it is active, so it is a good way to sharpen your reaction time.


The LTS Reaction Tyme target flashing to indicate the random open window when it can be shot.


I’ve enjoyed using both sets of targets throughout my house, which is a good way to simulate home defense scenarios. Practicing in different shooting positions throughout your home is a good skill to build — from behind the kitchen counter, the couch, or the bed, to positions in hallways and stairwells. The user should be aware that the LaserLyte targets may not function properly if there is direct sunlight hitting the target, and that non-LaserLyte lasers may not work with their targets.

Finally, the tech geek in me can’t help but think about additional features which would make the product even better (and probably increase the price). I’d love to see rechargeable batteries in all their products, which could be recharged via USB. And how about a computer program which could track your shot strings and performance over time?

I’ll pull my head out of the clouds and come back to Earth. It’s time for a LaserLyte dry fire session!

Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • iltrainer

    Junk. I bought a few of these and returned them because the lasers wouldn’t always work. Sometimes they stayed on. Sometimes they stayed off. Cool idea, poor execution. Apparently the switch on the lasers is the weak link. I couldn’t get a response from LaserLyte so I sent $1000 worth of this stuff back to the various retailers I bought it from as defective. Because it was.

    • bernie

      same happen to me this is an unreliable system, the laser work only half of the time, I back for a refund

  • jokester

    I have been curious about these for some time, if what “iltrainer” says is true, I shall be disappointed… Chris can you verify his claim?

    • I didn’t have any problems with the lasers I was using, but obviously it sounds like iltrainer did. It’s unfortunate that LaserLyte wasn’t able to resolve the problem, I can only speak to my experience working with LaserLyte- which was a good one.

  • bgrider

    I’ve used the Laser Target and laser cartridges for about 6 months and they work great. I load up a magazine with training snap caps from Traditions Performance Firearms because they are the same weight as a live cartridge and give the pistol the same weight and balance as if it were loaded. The small batteries inside the laser cartridges only last a couple months if used daily, and when they start to run down the cartridge switch will still fire the laser but the target will not react. The Laser Target also acts like it has a timer function. If you wait too long to display the hits the target makes you turn it off-on to work again. Then it works fine again.

    • MD Paul

      How many “snap caps” do you put in a magazine at a time? I see a 5 pack of .40 cal ones for about $12. Wondering if you load up 15 of these at a time. Also where do you get them besides Amazon?

      I’m seriously considering this system but training without the bullet weight was concerning me. Glad I read your comment to learn about these training bullets.

  • allannon

    These days, why use LEDs? I mean, seems like you could get a more precise representation (including possibly any movements made while “firing”) using a relatively low-density LCD.

    • gunslinger

      probably because of the software coding. it’s easier to code/enable a handful of LED outputs than a “complex” LCD screen.

      for my senior EE design lab, i created one of those scrolling LED displays. coding that was pretty impressive (for a 7×50 LED display) i also coded for a LCD display (8×20 i think) and it was about the same amount of programming. i can see why they went with an LED array.

  • MVienna

    Great, now gun grabbers can argue that you don’t need ammo anymore… You should buy these!

  • Luke

    I’ve been hoping that Next Level Training or Laserlyte would do a fullsize training pistol without any lasers (this is close, but I’d like something G17 sized). I’m afraid if I train with the laser too much I may stop focusing on the front sight, and instead start focusing on the target.

    • Limonata

      I have the Next Level Training pistol. I do not see myself or other who train with me focusing on the laser. Plus, you can adjust the laser such you POA/POI are just below the front sight and you will never see the laser. There is software that uses a webcam that can record your shots against a target pasted to a wall.. If you just want moment of bad guy training, it works great. I have been using the Next Level Training for over a year and purchased it right before the ammo shortage ammo began so it has been great.

  • HomeFront89

    I think it would be an awesome idea if they could make an AR15 lower with realistic trigger pull that can be used with this system. Definitely a good way to work on your reaction time.

  • Mr Silly

    Great idea- sounds like fun.

  • Jimmy Cline

    If you want a laser system that works with any visible laser, can detect any location, look at the OCAT System. Much better system, but a bit more expensive. Put the software on your computer, plug in a web camera, use your own targets and start shooting.

  • Target Is Moving

    You could attach one of these to T.I.M. and get a moving reactive target. That would be some pretty awesome dryfire training.